Enforcer: Justice Law Order Teaser, Screens, Info
Enforcer: Justice Law Order Teaser, Screens, Info
A police action simulator from indie developer Odin Game Studio that mixes action, adventure and RPG
Posted: 08/08/14 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Odin Game Studio | Publisher: Excalibur Publishing | Platform:

Enforcer: Justice Law Order brings you a different way to play a third-person police game.

Players can choose between a man or a woman, build a career and earn ranks if they're up to the task. They'll be free to engage in many activities, all of which carry consequences. .

Anyone can be a potential threat in the streets of Mountain Valley, a small town dominated by crime. During the game's 365 days, players will answer random calls involving drug dealers, drunks, speeders, kidnapping, housebreaking and more. They'll be able to patrol and talk with every civilian they encounter.

Players will control stress by taking care of their families. After work, they'll be able to go home and upgrade their houses; buy new items and furniture, and even buy a new car.

Enforcer: Justice Law Order is a non-linear game. It will offer a choice between normal and realistic modes where "permadeath" is activated (just for hardcore players). The game is projected to be released for PC and Mac this October.

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