InSomnia Video, Screens, Info
InSomnia Video, Screens, Info
Indie developer Studio MONO reveals new features for the atmospheric dieselpunk RPG, as well as new Kickstarter and Greenlight campaigns
Posted: 07/08/14 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Studio MONO | Platform: Other

News: InSomnia Reaches Kickstarter Goal Ahead of Schedule - July 21, 2014

Kickstarter page
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With the recent launch of InSomnia's Kickstarter and Greenlight campaigns, indie developer Studio MONO reveals the fundamental changes and improvements they've made to their groundbreaking Dieselpunk styled RPG.

“We realized pretty quickly that we didn’t have a clear enough description of the project which ended up confusing and alienating potential backers for our original Kickstarter campaign in 2013” explains Anatoliy Guyduk, Lead Developer at Studio MONO, “so we decided to halt the campaign, go away, rethink, work on our mistakes and relaunch later when we had a clearer vision of the project and had a lot more content to show the public.”

Guyduk continues, “The primary mistake we made was using the term ‘MMO’ when in fact InSomnia is fundamentally an RPG. When potential backers saw the word ‘MMO’ the association was formed with games such as World of Warcraft, which InSomnia is not, and turned off the huge number of RPG fans out there who are our target audience. So, the big failure on our part was in the description of what the game was and what it wasn’t. The brand new features and descriptions we have implemented over the past six months have hopefully now rectified this as well as giving us additional time to progress the game.”

Set in a dystopian universe with retro-futuristic, diesel-punk styling, the world of InSomnia is one in which the visible realm is a veil behind which are hidden many layers of reality that very few can hope to comprehend.

Key Features of InSomnia:

  • Dieselpunk RPG with Noir stylings featuring man-made apocalyptic landscapes imbued with a dark, ambient soundtrack
  • 15-20 hours of gameplay upon release
  • Develop your character through tactical real-time combat in single player and co-op scenarios, combining hundreds of skills and abilities through a powerful crafting system
  • Manage a huge amount of customizable items and equipment for a gaming experience unique to every player
  • A new, more immersive type of RPG free of leveling systems, character classes and unwanted grind
  • Randomly generated, non-linear events and missions in addition to the main campaign playable in both single player and co-op
  • Survive starvation, extreme weather conditions and injuries, uncover valuable items in secret challenge scenarios as well as facing ‘points of no return’ situations
  • Branching dialogue system
  • Social reputation and karma systems affecting the actions of other characters and factions
  • Brand new FREE chapters released every 2-3 months continuing the main story with both single player and co-op content

InSomnia will launch on PC in Q4 2015. Release dates for Mac and Linux are TBD. 

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