Memento Mori 2 Intro Video, Screens, Info
Memento Mori 2 Intro Video, Screens, Info
Take on multiple roles and embark on a mission to solve a dark case that will transport you to various locations around the globe
Posted: 05/01/14 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Bohemia Interactive | Publisher: Centauri Production | Platform: Microsoft windows

News: Memento Mori 2 to Launch on May 13, 2014 for PC - May 1, 2014

Under the leadership of Lara Durand, The Office for Regaining Stolen Art Objects has never done better. Lara has just married Maxime Durand, a promising painter with a dramatic past. The two are enjoying their honeymoon and planning their future, secure in the belief that Max has escaped his nightmares once and for all. Or has he?

It takes just a few seconds for it all to be gone. Lara is left waiting in an empty flat in Lyon for a phone call that never comes.

Completely on her own, Lara faces a case that sends chills down her spine. Thus begins a horrifying game full of turns and unexpected twists as well as difficult choices and sacrifice. Perhaps it's a game that can't even be won...

Memento Mori 2 is scheduled to be released May 13, 2014 for PC.

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