Quest for Infamy Trailers, Screens, Info
Quest for Infamy Trailers, Screens, Info
Why Be Famous When You Can Be Infamous?
Posted: 04/30/14 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Infamous Quests | Publisher: Phoenix Online Publishing | Platform: Other

News: Quest for Infamy™ To Debut June 26, 2014 For PC, Mac and Linux - April 30, 2014

Return to the glory days of role-playing and adventure with this humor-filled fantasy epic from indie developer Infamous Quests.

Styled in the vein of classic PC RPGs, you play a charming villain. Blending turn-based combat and spellcasting with puzzle solving and adventure, players can choose from three character classes—brigand (strength), rogue (stealth), or sorcerer (magic), each with unique storylines and adventures in one of the largest retro role-playing experiences ever. Being bad has never felt so good!

Key Features include:

  • Humorous retro fantasy RPG packed with adventure, puzzles, combat and spellcasting
  • Play as one of three distinctly different anti-heroes with unique quests: Brigand, Rogue or Sorcerer
  • Use swords, spells or wits to blaze a path to victory: Styles vary with every play
  • Hand-drawn world seamlessly blends role-playing and adventure
  • Over 50 NPCs and 200 rooms to explore and interact with
  • Customize your own spells, skills and adventures
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