Riddle of the Sphinx Videos, Screens, Info
Riddle of the Sphinx Videos, Screens, Info
A Kickstarter campaign has been launched for a completely new, real-time 3D version of the game to celebrate its 15th anniversary
Posted: 04/25/14 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: LifeTree Games | Platform: Other, Ipad, Tablet

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Imagine exploring the Giza Sphinx and the Great Pyramid of Egypt in beautifully enhanced, real-time 3D!

Walk through the Great Pyramid and explore its chambers unrestricted. Discover hidden tombs. Unearth sacred artifacts. And solve an ancient riddle entombed for centuries by the ancient Egyptians.

The new real-time 3D build of Riddle of the Sphinx makes exploring this beautiful epic adventure more enjoyable and more accessible than ever before.


  • Unlimited exploration into almost every crevice of the myriad of detailed chambers and lush environments of ROTS. Imagine walking behind columns, seeing new architectural detail in the Great Pyramid and beyond, and standing on top of the Sphinx for a breathtaking view!
  • 360° Explore or Point-n-Click Simulation modes: for some, we know you prefer the visual continuity of point-n-click, so we’re working on providing that option.
  • Realistic Torches & Fire with smoke plumes
  • Realistic Water ripples, flowing rivers, and underwater scenes
  • Realistic Physics effects such as picking up objects, moving furniture and vases, opening doors, etc.
  • Dynamic Time of Day and Weather. Explore the Giza Plateau and other outside areas in all times of day or night.
  • Kick up dust that has been settling for millenia...We originally wanted you to feel and see the dust kicked up in these ancient chambers, and now, as you walk, the dust is lightly kicked up. Of course, this can be disabled if you’re an allergic archeologist :)
  • 3D Sound. The sounds in ROTS 3D are now directional and what we would consider 3D sound. As you turn toward a torch, the sound will pan to match your direction.
  • 15th Anniversary Soundtrack! As an added bonus, Jeff Tobler, original ROTS soundtrack composer, will be composing new musical textures more organic and primitive in feel than the originally orchestrated style. You will be able to toggle between the original, the new, or no music.

Developer LifeTree Games is seeking your support so this epic Egyptian expedition and archaeological adventure remake can become a reality!

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