Through the Woods Announcement Teaser, Screens, Info
Through the Woods Announcement Teaser, Screens, Info
Can you really know for sure who or what lives deep inside the forest?
Posted: 04/21/14 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Antagonist | Platform: Windows

Through the Woods is a 3rd-person horror adventure for PC from indie developer Antagonist. It will place Norse Mythology in an unfamiliar setting: a forest on a mysterious island shrouded by fog.

Antagonist seeks to portray the forest as a child would see it, with every dark and mystic feature it can convey and without need of logical explanation. Can you really be certain who or what lives deep inside the forest?

Be afraid of what happens when you're walking Through the Woods, but prepare to be petrified of what's on the other side.

A deep personal story that will leave you gutted
Environments and story inspired by Norwegian art and nature, and Norse Mythology
A dark visual style, and with heavy focus on quality audio design
Creative use of light and darkness, making your expectations play tricks on you
Trek through the wilderness aided by your flashlight, and other tools you might find

Antagonist's credo is "To make great story-driven games, without sacrificing gameplay for story." Expect to see Through the Woods in 3Q 2015.

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