Zaharia Screens, Art, Info
Zaharia Screens, Art, Info
An upcoming fantasy RPG from indie developer Inner Void Interactive
Posted: 03/06/14 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Inner Void Interactive | Platform: Microsoft windows

Zaharia is an RPG with a setting inspired by the Orient and Middle East. You will be able to create your character and use him/her freely, writing a unique story without compromises or constraints. As you venture across the world of Zaharia , your choices will impact the way the story evolves.

Despite the freedom given to the player, the game will have a strong narrative. Each character and quest will settle into a complex and living world.

In Zaharia, you'll discover centuries-old history and come in contact with a world radically different from the ones inspired by European Middle-Ages.


  • Isometric, 3D POV
  • Turn-based battles based on an original rule system
  • Narrative and interpretative non-linearity, allowing the player to choose which quest to follow, and to make choices and solve problems in many different ways
  • A free-roaming world, Fallout-style
  • Plenty of skills and stats to manage in order to customize your virtual alter-ego in every small detail
  • An original setting created from scratch, inspired to late medieval Persia and Arabia, and completely different from "classic" fantasy settings
  • Development of mature themes: slavery, sexuality, racism, theology, philosophy, morality, politics and so on
  • Five main factions to choose from, each deeply characterized and different from the others
  • An innovative magic system, making mages something more than portable siege weapons
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