Blackmore Kickstarter Video and Info
Blackmore Kickstarter Video and Info
A Japanese point-and-click adventure game set in steampunk London, created by Japanese and US game industry veterans in a rich 2.5D style
Posted: 02/10/14 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: IQiOi Co., Ltd. | Platform:

Blackmore takes the best of the classic adventure genre, including awesome Japanese art, clever puzzles and great storytelling, and combines them into an all-new game in a rich, immersive isometric environment that will keep players on the edge of their seats.

You play Emma Blackmore, a brave young heroine who must track down a serial killer that's terrorizing an alternative London in the Victorian Era.

This is a world where European and Asian fashion and aesthetics collide; where advances in automation, electronics and chemistry have ushered in a world filled with robotic servants, steam-driven transportation and ornately gilded steampunk gadgetry. As wondrous as this may appear, it hides an underbelly tainted by rust and tarnished with grime where homeless children beg for food and families sleep crowded together in rat-infested rooms. 

Emma is half-Japanese, the daughter of the late Lord Simon Blackmore. She lives in a mansion with her brother Jonas and her mother, Teruko Honda-Blackmore.

Emma has a strong will and is determined to achieve more than the Victorian ideal of becoming a wife and mother. Instead, she becomes a doctor and opens a clinic in East London. With her is Descartes, a robot built by her father to look after her. 

On a day that starts like any other, Emma finds herself face-to-face with a crime scene of unspeakable horror. With the help of her robot sidekick and various gadgets left by her father, she puts her wits to the test and sets out a quixotic quest to find the culprit and put an end to the terror besieging London. 

A Kickstarter campaign is in progress until March 12th, and developer iQiOi Company Ltd. would appreciate your support! It's anticipated that Blackmore will be released in Spring 2015 for PC and Mac.

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