How Smart is Cat? Screens and Info

How Smart is Cat? Screens and Info

Play a cat in this upcoming indie puzzle/adventure game by SmartCat


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In the upcoming indie puzzle adventure game How Smart Is Cat?, you awaken as a kitten on a mysterious island. Your petrified mother is also there, and you must find a way to rouse her from her stone cold slumber by solving a series of puzzles.

You will travel in an open world consisting of several islands filled with mysterious objects and structures. In the world's every corner -- from desolate industrial landscape to ancient ruins -- a puzzle will lay in wait for you to solve.

The game's puzzles are generally abstract, interconnected and require a diverse line of thinking. How smart a cat are you? 

How Smart Is Cat? is being developed on the Unity Engine for Windows, Mac and Linux. Its release date is to be determined.

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