The Kingman Project Video, Screens, Info

The Kingman Project Video, Screens, Info

The world beneath you collapses and you fall into a rather peculiar room...


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Regarding the above video, indie developer Pixel-Eater has stated: "Since I never like posting news without actually showing something, I created this quick video that shows absolutely nothing."

The Kingman Project started out as a game by three guys who had never met each other. But it fizzled out and the whole thing was forgotten until recently, when one of the guys (Pixel-Eater) decided to pick it up again and start fresh, on his own.

In The Kingman Project, you're a repairman who has lived in the underground for years. You've grown up hearing stories of a great district lying beneath the one in which you live.

The base of your district is now threatening to collapse and you are sent to help prevent this from happening. As you're inspecting a support beam that's been strangely vibrating and causing tremors, the earth beneath you collapses.

You fall straight down into a strange room. You have no idea where you are or what's happened. You decide to look around....

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