Algo-Bot Kickstarter & Gameplay Videos, Screens, Info

Algo-Bot Kickstarter & Gameplay Videos, Screens, Info

A new mind-tingling 3D puzzle game for PC that presents essential skills of logic and basic programming in a highly enjoyable way


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News: January 15, 2014 - Algo-Bot Goes Live on Kickstarter

The world of Algo-Bot is one of leaking toxic containers, industrial crates and stubborn little robots. It takes place inside an unspecified power plant in an unspecified future, with an unspecified number of hazardous things waiting for you. Fortunately, there is one thing that is specified: the gameplay!

You’re given control of a little robot dude. You don’t control him directly, you don’t make him jump on mushrooms by pressing a single button either. Instead, you set up a sequence of commands for him: go straight, turn left, go straight again, turn right, etc.

After you create your sequence you pass it onto the robot, which will then travel around the power plant following your commands. In a nutshell, the player manipulates sequential commands to order Algo-Bot around in an attempt to reach the given goal of the level.

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