Rebirth Pre-Alpha Trailer, Screens and Info
Rebirth Pre-Alpha Trailer, Screens and Info
A survival horror sandbox game focusing on procedural environments and dynamic AI
Posted: 10/30/13 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Dead Man Walking Studios | Platform: Other
Scavenge. Run. Build. Fight. Survive. How long will it take for you to die?

Rebirth is a game about survival. The world is in shambles, shattered to the core due to a combination of mysterious events. The air is barely breathable, society has crumbled and governments have toppled. What will you do when your way of life no longer exists, and strange beings roam the earth?

Do you have the will to survive?

  • Procedurally generated world – There will be a large number of buildings and places procedurally generated to keep gameplay fresh and interesting each time you play.
  • Living, breathing eco-system. AI with goals and advanced behaviours, such as actively searching for you when it loses sight of you, searching key locations for food, etc.
  • Emergent gameplay – Random events scattered throughout the world. Your house may be raided or attacked one day, or you may find a map leading you to a loot cache…or a trap!
  • Survival-based gameplay – Scavenge during the day. Find food, weapons, medical supplies, ammo, and scavenge for shelter. Try to survive the night to see the light of the next day.
  • Procedural Horror, immersive atmosphere and dynamic scares!
  • Various enemy types, all with different behaviors and objectives. No “This Enemy is a bigger version of that guy who does more damage”. A core philosophy is to make each enemy have a role and be special in their own way.
  • Third-Person and First-Person ranged and melee combat. Full body awareness when in First Person mode.
  • Barricade existing buildings, set up defenses and generators using items you collect and the environment around you.
  • Meaningful death.
  • RPG elements – Your character can become more specialized as time passes and you gain more experience.
    Mind-warping horror system. Your fear shapes the world around you…
  • Collect information and piece together the origins of the disaster.
Future planned features
  • Social game play dynamics: Your most dangerous enemy may be humanity itself. Will others help you, or hunt you?
  • Multiplayer – After most mechanics are complete.
  • Rebuild society and craft your own items and possibly buildings (later releases).
  • Completely procedurally generated environments
The game is being released on Windows, Mac and Linux.
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