Helga Deep in Trouble Video, Screens, Info
Helga Deep in Trouble Video, Screens, Info
So, you've played an indie game or two, but do you know how these games are made? Helga Deep in Trouble will show you the dark side of independent game development!
Posted: 09/24/13 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Off Studio | Platform: Other
This comedy adventure game follows the story of Helga – the strict leader of a small game development studio. As her studio struggles to survive in a harsh economic climate, Helga is eventually forced to leave the lead position and is replaced by an incompetent former secretary called Magda.

Eventually, Helga decides to start a new studio and to bring back her former team members. Not everything goes according to plan, though, and Helga will need to deal with many unexpected problems and a cast of crazy characters.

 Helga Deep in Trouble is a traditional hand-painted point’n'click adventure game reminiscent of the '90s classics. You will spend your time exploring scenes, picking up items and having branching conversations with other characters.

Don’t worry, though – developer Off Studio is aware of the shortcomings of old adventure games and is trying to avoid frustrating elements, such as pixel-hunting. The game interface is streamlined and it even offers an optional hint system, which tracks your progress and gives you just the one hint you need without spoiling the challenge for you.

To enrich the gameplay, the game features a number of minigames which may seem familiar, but often come with a special twist.

Additionally, thorough players will be able to unlock a hidden bonus chapter of the game, which expands the original story.
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