Bound by Flame Screenshots and Info

Bound by Flame Screenshots and Info

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News - August 29, 2013

In Bound by Flame, you play a mercenary possessed by a flame demon. As a victim of this demonic influence, you'll have to choose between relinquishing some of your soul and accepting the powers offered by your host, or rejecting demonic influence and developing your own talents in order to retain some of your humanity.

Characters can be customized, although a character's appearance is subject to change as a result of demonic incluence.

Engage in dynamic real-time battles. Fight impressive creatures such as  shadow dragons, liches, undead and ice creatures.

In some chapters, the game's scenarios will unfold according to your choices and your level of demonic influence. This contributes to replayability.

So which path will you take? Will you lust after the demon's power and magic, or favor combat skills and bravery?

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