Metal Dead: Encore Screenshots and Info
Metal Dead: Encore Screenshots and Info
A continuation of the Metal Dead story
Posted: 08/16/13 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Walk Thru Walls Studio | Platform: Other, Microsoft windows, Apple macintosh

Release date: First/Second quarter 2014

Platforms: Initial release on PC, with MAC, Linux and tablet devices planned to follow

What is Metal Dead: Encore? It's a horror/comedy/apocalyptic/zombie/cartoon/gorefest/heavy metal point and click adventure game. Phew! It's all of those things combined into the classic LucasArts and Sierra style of yesteryear. Remember the days of adventure games? We know we do. Fondly! And we want to help bring 'em back!

Metal Dead: Encore is the epic continuation of the original Metal Dead story, but don't let that scare you off! While playing the first game is certainly recommended (it's cheap!) it's not a necessity, as the plot of Metal Dead is summed up neatly in the first ten minutes of Encore.

Besides - every copy of Metal Dead: Encore will come with a free copy of the original Metal Dead. That's right, two games for the already low price of one!


The seaside village of Rodeo is usually a peaceful place to live... but once a year the Hoofs and Horns heavy metal festival rolls in and makes a hell of a lot of noise. Things get even noisier when an evil genetically mutated landshark bent on world domination escapes a research facility and rampages into town. You read correctly - a friggin' landshark... with the ability to infiltrate dreams and turn its victims into members of its own ever-growing ravenous undead army!

You play as Malcolm, a mild-mannered, intelligent, non-stereotypical metalhead drawn into all this madness against his will. Tagging along on his quest to defeat the evil nightmare-landshark is his best friend and ex-bandmate Ronnie. Ronnie has a problem, you see. He's a metalhead. Literally, he's just a head! An undead metalhead who follows Malcolm around on a brand new set of spider legs!

Metal Dead: Encore is a tale of friendship, heavy metal, and overcoming adversity in the face of the undead horde.

We here at Walk Thru Walls Studios have learned a lot and made a metric buttload of improvements since releasing the original Metal Dead.

Metal Dead: Encore features:

  • Smooth hand-drawn animations
  • Beautifully detailed backgrounds
  • An intense, completely original ear-bleeding heavy metal soundtrack
  • Hilarious dialogues and a cast of bizarre, disturbed characters
  • Fully integrated achievements
  • Unique hint system in the form of Ronnie, your undead spider-head buddy
  • A heartfelt story full of zombies, gore and mayhem
  • ~5 hours of gameplay
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