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  • With this walkthrough you'll be able to find out the myster of the sunken ship with ease.
    TITANIC: Adventure Out of TimeSolution by: Lu Richardson Written for: Cheet Sheets Magazine&nbs
    04/16/03 | Walkthrough | by Lu Richardson
  • Trying to unravel the mystery but getting stuck? This walkthrough will guide you through!
    Level One The Entrance Hall Here, you need to find a way to exit the Hall. First, to unlock the e
    12/31/02 | Walkthrough | by Tally Ho
  • Having trouble in searching for the Scrolls of Aziz? Look no further than this walkthrough!
    Welcome to what could be the most disappointing game I have ever played. I have not seen the Disney
    02/03/02 | Walkthrough | by Alexander Tait
  • Although billed as an action-adventure, Azrael's Tear contains few of the elements traditionally associated with the action genre. True, there are many ways to die in the game, the most common involving falling off a narrow path into poisoned thorns / biting scorpions / gaping chasms / deep water, and there are a few instances when shooting is required. But really this is a pretty standard adventure game, with a few action elements.
    Introduction Although billed as an action-adventure, Azrael's Tear contains few of the elements tra
    01/09/02 | Walkthrough | by Dan Kennedy
  • Don't get stuck on puzzles in Beyond Atlantis II any longer!
    Beyond Atlantis II (Atlantis III): A journey through absurdity A big hello to everyone out there!
    12/31/01 | Walkthrough | by Jennifer Miller
  • This latest walkthrough for Myst III: Exile also includes Easter Eggs for those who want to dig deeper!
    Easter EggsEgg 1Next to Saavedro's hammock near the scales inside the main tusk in J'nanin, if you h
    05/08/01 | Walkthrough | by Al Giovetti
  • Use this walkthrough to ensure that Carnby won't be "alone in the dark"!
    Since you are navigating a 3D character in this game, I must clarify that all directional descriptio
    10/01/00 | Walkthrough | by Just Adventure
  • Stuck? Need a hand? Can't go any further? Here's your walkthrough!
    This walkthrough was obtained from Gamer Grand Tour Walkthroughs (notice: link no longer e
    09/30/00 | Walkthrough | by Steve Anderson
  • Walkthrough
    Guide Ten, the Bearer of Light to Shambhala to confront the Bearer of Dark, with the help of this walkthrough!
    Atlantis IIBy Bert Jamin Games Over This walkthrough is the exclusive property of Bert Jamin and i
    12/31/99 | Walkthrough | by Bert Jamin
  • Find your way around with this walkthrough!
    A.D. 2044 Walkthroughby Alexander TaitBEGINNING FLOOR (2nd)Cryogenic chamber roomYou wake up in your
    12/17/99 | Walkthrough | by Alexander Tait
  • Atlantis: The lost Tales Walkthrough
    Atlantis: The Lost Tales Author: Unknown  When arriving talk to sentries. Go upstairs to pond ar
    09/30/97 | Walkthrough | by Just Adventure
  • An interactive game with an attitude, show it who's boss with this walkthrough?
    Another interactive adventure game with an attitude. But this time, they make something different. W
    03/13/97 | Walkthrough | by Crash
  • It's elementary, my dear reader, that you can use this walkthrough to guide you through any trouble!
    This is the second case of Sherlock Holmes. It has better story than the first one and become more
    12/31/96 | Walkthrough | by Crash
  • Don't be a redshirt ever again with this walkthrough!
    THE MURDER OF AMBASSADOR KARIGRepair the containment field on the left panel, do this by matching th
    12/21/96 | Walkthrough | by Crash
  • Alllllrightythen!
    Introduction1.After the game starts, the intro begins to play. When Ace is on the ledge, the cursor
    10/31/96 | Walkthrough | by Just Adventure
  • Get your cheat codes and walkthrough for 9 The Last Resort Here!
    CheatsStart a new game. At the entrance door, type the code "120763-090665". Hold the "CTRL" key and
  • Don't ever be truly alone in the dark with this helpful walkthrough!
    Walkthrough (from INTERPLAY)SOLUTION TO ALONE IN THE DARK 2 [PRESENTATION]December 24th 1924. Hell'
    01/01/94 | Walkthrough | by Just Adventure
  • This walkthrough is designed to complete the game as quickly as possible and does contain spoilers!
    CheatsUse a Hex editor to edit your latest save game file (called SAVE0.ITD, SAVE1.ITD, SAVE2.ITD,
    06/09/93 | Walkthrough | by David R Downs
  • Stuck in Tamir with no idea where to go or what to do?
    INTRODUCTIONThis walkthrough is purely intended to help you if you are stuck in the game or to help
    08/16/88 | Walkthrough | by Rob Tegne
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