Ray Ivey

A gaming freakazoid, Ray enjoys games on all platforms. Also loves board games, mind games, and all puzzles. Co-wrote the Entertainment Tonight trivia game and designed puzzles for two Law & Order PC games. Also a movie freak, bookworm, and travel bug. Thinks games of all kinds are a highly underappreciated force for social good, not to mention mental and psychological health.


Ray's favorite adventures include the "Broken Sword" and "Journeyman Project" franchises, "The Dark Eye," "The Feeble Files," "Sanitarium," "Limbo," "Machinarium," "Riven," "The Neverhood," and "Azrael's Tear." His favorite non-adventures include the "Thief," "Uncharted," and "Ratchet & Clank" franchises, all of the Bioware RPGs, Skyrim, and Final Fantasy XII.


Ray writes about the movies for the Bryan/College Station Daily Eagle, which is the old-fashioned thing called a "newspaper." He's been on eight game shows. He's taught in seven countries and has visited twenty-one. His favorite classic movie star is Barbara Stanwyck and his favorite novel is "The Hotel New Hampshire" by John Irving.

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  • You, as Nancy Drew must pick up the cold trail left by a notorious gangster who once lived in the lakeside cabin recently purchased by Nancy's friend. Are the ghostly legends true?
    Genre: Mystery AdventureRelease Date: November 2002Platform: PCNote: Originally published 13 Januar
    08/30/12 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • A chilling 3-D foray into the macabre mansion of Derceto
    Release Date: 1992Platform: Macintosh, PSX, DOS, PC/WindowsNote: Original date of review is unkno
    08/17/12 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • Puzzle your way through the game's many fascinating enigmas in a plot that twists and turns through ever-changing scenarios
    Release Date: August 2003Platform: PC Note: Originally published 05 September 2003For a few b
    07/30/12 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • Solve an array of ancient riddles that will help a dying Pharoh survive and restore Egypt to glory. (European Title: Egypt 3: The Destiny of Ramses)
    Genre: Historical AdventureRelease Date: April 2004Platform: PC Note: Originally published 19 A
    06/29/12 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • Intrepid reporter Ray Ivey gives us the lowdown on E3 2012
    Well, my feet are still recovering from the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo, but my fingers are s
    06/28/12 | Editorial | by Ray Ivey
  • George and Nico are no longer together but meet up once again as they unknowingly start to explore the same mystery
    Genre: Mystery AdventureRelease Date: November 2003Platform: PC (reviewed) Playstation 2 (Europe Onl
    06/22/12 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • Ray, a longtime fan of the Final Fantasy series, wonders how FFXIII went so wrong
      I’ve played a lot of Final Fantasy. Not everything in the canon, but I’ve done pretty wel
    06/20/12 | Editorial | by Ray Ivey
  • Help a robot who is thrown out of his cyberpunk town defeat bad guys and get back to his girlfriend.
    Genre: Fantasy Adventure, Indie DeveloperPlatforms: PC (Reviewed), Mac, Linux, iPad2Release Dat
    06/18/12 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • After having played the first Quest for Glory years ago, Ray ponders tackling the other four games in the series
      Quest for Glory was already an old series when I became a serious gamer. The fifth and final
    06/14/12 | Editorial | by Ray Ivey
  • Play two characters who travel into the past in an effort to save mankind from an ecological catastrophe
    Genre: Sci-Fi/Futuristic ThrillerRelease Date: June 3, 2011Note: Originally published 11 Aug 2011&nb
    06/11/12 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • Queen Karen has disappeared! Join the Amazon Princess Loren in her journey to find what happened to her mother.
    Release Date: April 2012Genre: Fantasy RoleplayPlatform:  PC, Mac, Linux (reviewed on PC)I love cas
    06/04/12 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • Be still our collective hearts -- Chris, Aaron & Tex are back, & Ray Ivey's got 'em!
    Recently I was able to catch up with Chris Jones and Aaron Conners of Big Finish Games to find out t
    05/23/12 | Interview | by Ray Ivey
  • Nine game projects Ray Ivey would most like to see Kickstartered
        Fads can be fun:  flash crowds, hula-hoops, Rubik’s Cube, cocaine.  Fads can be silly: 
    05/18/12 | Editorial | by Ray Ivey
  • Ray Ivey gets both Just Adventure and himself excited about the upcoming release of Diablo 3.
      I loved Diablo. I loved Diablo II. And like many other gamers, I’m eager to get my hands on
    05/11/12 | Editorial | by Ray Ivey
  • Step into the spacesuit of Rachel Manners and find out why you are the sole survivor of an expedition gone terribly wrong.
    Release Date: March 2012Platform:  PCYou’ve been there. You’re on a long, interstellar
    04/05/12 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • From the shadows of Highgate Cemetery to the unexplored vaults of the Count's Transylvanian castle, lose yourself in a frighteningly realistic 3D universe as you pursue the infamous Prince of Darkness.
    Release Date: January 2001Platform: PC (version reviewed), Mac, PSXNote: Originally published in
    03/28/12 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • Explore disturbing corners of the human psyche and delve into a dimension of nightmares, the occult and a tense psychological world created in classic Lovecraftian style.
    Genre: Adventure Horror/MysteryRelease Date: November 2007Platform: PCNote: Originally published
    03/25/12 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • What do you get when you combine an adventure game with a popular crime drama on TV? Law & Order: Legacies of course! Here we take a look at the first three episodes.
    Release Date: January 24, 2012 Platform: PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone (reviewed on PC) Rated: No Ratin
    02/20/12 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • In the northernmost province of Skyrim, a Dragonborn rises and sets in motion an adventure of destiny...or filling their house with cheese wedges.
    Release Date: 11/11/11 Platform:    PC, PS3, XBox 360 (reviewed on the PS3) It
    12/29/11 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • Feel like being naughty? Oh, hell, do you feel like just being . . . . really, really wrong?
    Feel like being naughty? Oh, hell, do you feel like just being . . . . really, really wrong? You do?
    10/12/11 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • This sequel to 2003's Conspiracies takes place in a not too-distant dystopian future. Can a talented cast and interesting story carry it?
    Game reviewers – for that matter, all reviewers – are supposed to be objective. And we do try. B
    06/29/11 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • You can rest when you're dead...NOT.
    It sucks to be you. Not only were you just murdered, but now that you’re dead, you can’t even ki
    03/30/11 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • Excellent storytelling, which is full of gratifying surprises and intrigue.
    Genre: Puzzle AdventureRelease Date: September 12, 2010 Predictions, predictions. Here are some of
    09/12/10 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • PassionFruit Games has created two of my favorite recent casual adventures: Nancy Drew: Lights, Camera, Curses! And Nancy Drew: Resorting to Danger. So I eagerly picked up their new project, Tiger Eye Part I: Curse of the Riddle Box.
    Genre: Casual/Puzzle/Hidden Object Release date:April 28, 2010 (PC)May 2010 (Mac)Digital Downl
    05/27/10 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • This is indeed a great game to look at, with rich colors and appealingly zany characters. My interest in third-person cartoon adventures is limited, but if I have to play one, please let it be a Monkey Island game.
    In anticipation of the release of the fourth Monkey Island game this fall, I've been playi
    08/02/09 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • Crusader takes place during the 12th Century, and it's the story of Arthaud, a disgraced and irreverent French knight who has really gotten on the bad side of the French king Philippe-August.
    Index strikes again! This French game company, which has been wowing me all summer with their superb
    08/01/09 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • In the series he traces human political, cultural, religious and social history as a chain linked by various technological innovations.
    INTRO: Are you a fan of James Burke's entertainingly informative television series "Connections"? If
    08/01/09 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • It's pretty. It's really pretty. Did I mention it's pretty? But is it a game?
    It's pretty. It's really pretty. Did I mention it's pretty? But is it a game? From Ray's Adventure
    08/01/09 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • Your character has inherited a Scottish castle and title, and you and your fiancee show up to claim your windfall. Unfortunately, the castle doesn't appear to be full of treasure - merely ghosts.
    INTRODUCTION: Feel like returning to the tried-and-true 7th Guest formula? Trilobyte sure hopes you
    08/01/09 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • Part of Cryo's historical drama adventure series, China takes you behind the scenes in the Forbidden City. Is it worth the trip?
    INTRO: Part of Cryo's historical drama adventure series, China takes you behind the scenes in the
    07/30/09 | Review | by Ray Ivey
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