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  • The developers of the Quest for Glory series discuss their latest project, Hero-U: Road to Redemption, and its Kickstarter campaign
    I had the great good fortune to speak with legendary game designers Corey and Lori Cole, the creativ
    11/15/12 | Interview | by Ray Ivey
  • Get up close and personal with Corey and Lori
    During May, numerous members of the AGD Interactive (AGDI) and Himalaya Studios development teams as
    11/15/12 | Interview | by Randy Sluganski
  • Cliff Johnson's twice-long-awaited sequel to The Fool's Errand, at last is here, again
    "My goal was to be a worthy successor to The Fool's Errand, and according to my 50+ testers, I have
    10/17/12 | Interview | by Greg Collins
  • Ray Ivey chats with the veteran developer about the Broken Sword series, Kickstarter, and the upcoming Broken Sword: The Serpent's Curse
    Note:  My interview technique is very low-tech, which means that, while Charles and I used the magi
    09/19/12 | Interview | by Ray Ivey
  • Yea, The Fool and His Money Will Soon Part from Mr. Johnson
    Note: Originally published in 2007     High drama and suspense are what you strive to create in
    08/21/12 | Interview | by Greg Collins
  • A Textual Journey Through Adventure's Past, Present and Maybe Even Its Future
    When Infocom, the company that pioneered the commercial text adventure, went dark in the late 80's,
    08/16/12 | Interview | by Greg Collins
  • Be still our collective hearts -- Chris, Aaron & Tex are back, & Ray Ivey's got 'em!
    Recently I was able to catch up with Chris Jones and Aaron Conners of Big Finish Games to find out t
    05/23/12 | Interview | by Ray Ivey
  • Interview
    Get all the info you need on the movie and the man behind the iconic video game series.
    QUESTION: What were your feelings when you finally saw the film? JORDAN MECHNER: Firstly the orig
    10/21/11 | Interview | by Just Adventure
  • Interview
    A pleasant sit down with the CEO of Hothead Games over subjects such as digital distribution.
    How does the roll-out for a digital distribution game differ from the roll-out for a brick-and-morta
    06/02/08 | Interview | by Just Adventure
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