2015 Release and Review List
2015 Release and Review List
2015 adventure game releases. Includes link to the review, platforms, date of release, trailer, and link to game's homepage.
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2015 Release and Review List
Title Date Platform(s) Developer Demo Trailer On JA
 Tengami                                          1/15/2015    PC, Mac, iOS, Wii U                  Nyamyam                                           Trailer  Review
 Karmaflow: The Rock Opera Videogame 
1/16/2015 PC  Basecamp Games    Trailer   Oct 17, 2014
 Nicolas Eymerich, The Inquistor Book II   1/22/15 PC, MAC iOS  Microids/Anuman/TIconBLU    Trailer  Jan 16, 2015
 Grim Fandango (HD) 1/27/2015 PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, PS Vita  Double Fine    Trailer  Review
 Supreme League of Patriots Ep. 1-3 1/29/2015 PC, Mac, Linux, iOS   No Bull Intentions | Phoenix    Trailer  Review
 Troll Song - Ep. 1 (Ep 1 Available Free) 1/29/2015 PC    Team Disaster  Demo  Trailer  Jan 29, 2015
 Life is Strange Ep. 1 Chrysalis 1/29/2015 PC, Xbox One, PS4, Other  Dontnod Entertainment | Sq. Enix    Trailer  Review
 Game of Thrones Ep. 2 Lost Lords  2/3/2015 PC, Mac, Xbox One, PS4  Telltale Games    Trailer  Review
 Sunless Sea  2/6/2015 PC, Mac  Failbetter Games    Trailer  Review
 Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic  2/6/2015 PC, Mac, Android  Headup Games  Beta  Video  Jan 20, 2015
 Decay - The Mare  2/13/2015 PC, Mac  Shining Gate Software | Daedalic    Trailer  Review
 Lucius 2: The Prophecy  2/13/2015 PC  Shiver Games    Trailer  Jan 26, 2015
 Morningstar: Descent to Deadrock  2/17/2015 PC, Mac, Linux  Red Herring | Phoenix     Trailer  Review
 The Book of Unwritten Tales 2  2/20/2015 PC, Mac, Linux   KING Art Games | Nordic Games    Trailer  Review
 Pneuma: Breath of Life  2/2/7/2015 PC, Xbox  Deco Digital | Bevel Studios    Trailer  Review
 Tormentum - Dark Sorrow  3/4/2015 PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android  OhNoo Studio  Demo  Trailer  Review
 ASA Remastered Edition  3/4/2015 PC,Mac, Linux  Simon Says: Watch! Play!    Trailer  Review
 Shelter 2  3/9/2015 PC, Mac  Might and Delight    Trailer  Review
 Dreamfall Chapters Book 2 Rebels  3/10/2015 PC, Mac, PS4  Red Thread Games    Trailer  Review
 Tales from the Borderlands: ep 2  3/17/2015 PC, Mac, PS4, XboxOne, Other    Telltale Games    Trailer  Review
 Woolfe - The Red Hood Diaries Vol 1  3/17/2015 PC   GRIN    Trailer  Review
 Game of Thrones Ep 3  3/24/2015 PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One   Telltale Games    Trailer  Review
 Life is Strange Ep 2 Out of Time  3/24/2105 PC, Xbox One, PS4, Other  Dontnod Entertainment | Sq. Enix    Trailer  Review
 Fire  4/9/2015 PC, Mac  Daedalic    Trailer  Review
 Dead Synchronicity Tomorrow Comes...  4/10/2015 PC, Mac, iOS   Fictorama Studios | Daedalic  Demo  Trailer  Review
 The Charnel House Trilogy  4/16/2015 PC   Owl Cave | Mastertronic    Trailer  Review
 House of Caravan  4/16/2015 PC, Mac  Rosebud Games    Trailer  Feb 14, 2015
 Broken Age Part 2  4/28/2015 PC, Mac, Ouya, iOS, Android  Double Fine    Trailer  Review
 Toren  5/11/2015 PC  Swordtales    Trailer  Mar 28, 2015
 Alum  5/15/2015 PC, Mac, Linux  Crashable Studios    Trailer  Review
 Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness  5/19/2015 PC, Mac   Her Interactive    Trailer  Review
 Life is Strange Ep 3 Chaos Theory  5/19/2015  PC, Xbox One, PS4, Other  Dontnod Entertainment | Sq Enix    Trailer  Review
 TechnoBabylon  5/21/2015 PC, Mac, Linux   Wadjet Eye Games  Demo  Trailer  Review
 Bunker: The Underground Game  5/21/2015 PC  Nightly Studios    Trailer  Review
 Epanalepsis  5/21/2015 PC, Mac, Linux  Cameron Kunzelman    Trailer  Jul 26, 2014
 Sunset  5/21/2015 PC, Mac, Linux  Tale of Tales    Trailer  Jan 13, 2015
 Subject 13  5/28/2015 PC, Mac (TBA PS4, Xbox One)  Paul Cuisset | Microids    Trailer  Review
 Homesick  5/28/2015  PC, Mac  Lucky Pause    Trailer  Review
 Kholat  6/10/2015 PC. Mac  IMGN.PRO    Trailer  Review
 Alone in the Dark: Illumination  6/11/2015 PC   Pure FPS | Atari    Trailer  Jan 29, 2015
 Tales from the Borderlands: ep 3  6/23/2015  PC, Mac, PS4, XboxOne, Other   Telltale Games    Trailer  Review
 Her Story  6/24/2015  PC, Mac  Sam Barlow    Trailer  Review
 Dreamfall Chapters Book 3: Realms  6/25/2015 PC, Mac, PS4  Red Thread Games    Trailer  Review
 Anna's Quest  7/2/2015 PC, Mac  Kram's Design | Daedalic    Trailer  Review
 D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die  7/5/2015 PC, Xbox  Access Games    Trailer  Review
 Knee Deep, Act 1: Wonderland  7/6/2015 PC, Mac, Linux  Prologue Games    Trailer  Review
 Traverser  7/9/2015  PC  Gatling Goat Studios    Trailer  
 The Magic Circle  7/9/2015 PC, Mac  Question    Trailer  Review
 Mystery Maze of Balthasar Castle  7/12/2015 PC, Mac, iOS, Android  Mack Media, Caipirinha Games    Trailer  Review
 AR-K - The Great Escape  7/14/2015 PC, Mac  Gato Salvaje Studios    Trailer  Review
 Game of Thrones: Nest of Vipers - ep 5  7/21/2015 PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Other  Telltale Games    Trailer  Review
 Cradle  7/24/2015 PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android   Flying Cafe for Semi Animals    Trailer  Review
 Legend of Kay Anniversary  7/27/2015 PC, Mac, PS4, Wii U   Kaiko, Neon Studios    Trailer  Review
 King's Quest Ep 1: A Knight to Remember  7/28/2015 PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox   The Odd Gentlemen    Trailer  Review
 Never Alone: Foxtales  7/28/2015 PC, Mac, Xbox One, PS4  Upper One Games    Trailer  Review
 Dream   7/31/2015 PC  Mastertronic    Trailer  Review
 Hidden: on the Trail of the Ancients  8/5/2015 PC  Lost Spell    Trailer  Feb 23, 2014
 Shades of Black  8/10/2015 PC   MDNA Games  Demo    Review
 Everybody's Gone to the Rapture  8/11/2015 PS4  The Chinese Room    Trailer  Review
 Tales from the Borderland episode 4  8/18/2015 PC, Mac, PS4, XboxOne, Other Telltale Games    Trailer  Review
 Until Dawn  8/25/2015 PS4  Supermassive Games    Trailer  
 Fran Bow  8/27/2015 PC, Mac, Linux  Killmonday Games  Demo  Trailer  Review
 Rememoried  8/31/2015 PC, Mac  Vladimir Kudelka    Trailer  Review
 Stasis  8/31/2015 PC, Mac  The Brotherhood    Trailer  Review
 Rememoried  8/31/2015 PC, Mac  Hangonit    Trailer  May 25, 2015
 Dropsy  9/5/2015 PC, Mac, Linux  Tendershoot, A Jolly Corpse    Trailer  Nov 20, 2013
 Revenge: Rhobar's Myth  9/8/2015 PC   Polygon Art    Trailer  
 Albino Lullaby: Ep 1
 9/15/2015 PC  ApeLaw    Trailer  Review
 Soma  9/22/2015 PC, Mac, Linux  Frictional Games    Trailer  Review
 else Heart.Break()  9/24/2015 PC, Mac, Linux  Erik Svedäng ,El Huervo/Niklas..    Trailer  Review
 80 Days  9/28/2015 PC, Mac  Inkle, Ltd, Cape Guy Ltd    Trailer  Review
 Stairs  9/28/2015 PC  GreyLight Entertainment    Trailer  
 Nevermind  9/29/2015 PC, Mac  Flying Mollusk    Trailer  Review
 Armikrog  9/30/2015 PC, Mac, Linux, Wii U  Pencil Test Studios    Trailer  Review
 Jerry McPartlin - Rebel with a Cause  9/30/2015 PC, Other  Bluebox Interactive    Trailer  Review
 The Beginner's Guide  10/1/2015 PC, Mac, Linux  Everything Unlimited Ltd.    Trailer  Review
 Lost Horizon 2  10/2/2015 PC  Animation Arts GmbH    Trailer  
 Keep Talking and Noboby Explodes  10/8/2015 PC   Steel Crate Games    Trailer  
 Minecraft: Story Mode Ep 1  10/15/2015 PC, Mac, Console, Mobile  Telltale Games    Trailer  Review
 Life is Strange Ep 5  10/20/2015 PC, PS 3&4, Xbox 1&360  Dontnod Entertainment | Sq Enix    Trailer  
 Tales from the Borderland episode 5  10/22/2015 PC, Mac, PS4, XboxOne, Other  Telltale Games    Trailer  Review
 Murder  10/21/2015 PC, Mac, Linux  Peter Moorhead | Curve Digital    Trailer  Oct 16, 2015
 MInecraft: Story Mode Ep 2  10/27/2015 PC, Mac, Console, Mobile  Telltale Games    Trailer  Review
 Alberto & Otto  10/28/2015 PC, Mac, Linux  Kbros Game    Trailer  Review
 The Last Crown: Midnight Horror  10/29/2015 PC  Darkling Room    Trailer  Review
 Devil's Bluff  10/29/2015 PC, Mac, Linux  KBJ Games    Trailer  Dec 13, 2014
 Pathologic  10/29/2015 PC  Ice-pick Lodge    Trailer  Sep 19, 2014
 Bloodwood Reload  11/2/2015 PC  Luminy Studios    Trailer  Review
 Knee Deep Act 2: Festival  11/3/2015 PC, Mac, Linux  Prologue Games    Trailer  
 Prominence  11/6/2015 PC  Digital Media Workshop    Trailer  
 Fallout 4  11/10/2015  PC, PS4, Xbox One  Bethesda Softworks    Trailer  Jun 16, 2016
 Game of Thrones: The Ice Dragon - ep 6  11/17/2015 PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Other  Telltale Games    Trailer  
 Minecraft: Story Mode Ep 3  11/24/2015 PC, Mac, Console, Mobile  Telltale Games    Trailer  Review
 Dreamfall Chapter Book 4 Revelations 
 12/3/2015 PC, Mac, Linux  Red Thread Games    Trailer  Review
 The Last Dream  12/3/2015 PC  Specialbit Studio    Trailer  Review
 History in Letters - The Eternal Alch...  12/6/2015 PC, Mac  Z-Sfotware    Trailer  Dec 9, 2016
 Aviary Attorney  12/21/2015 PC, Mac    Sketchy Logic Games    Trailer  Dec 10, 2014
 Hollow Hills  12/31/2015  PC  Nightwolf Games      
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