Anamedia -- A Point-and-Click, Myst-Like Fantasy Adventure
Anamedia -- A Point-and-Click, Myst-Like Fantasy Adventure
Experience 2D exploration packed with logical puzzles in this game from indie developer Similia
Posted: 01/11/16 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Similia | Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux

Download the Demo for Windows

Find the diary of a stranger through which you'll be led to an unknown land known as Anamedia. It's a land on the brink of collapse, as the massve machinery maintaining it has ceased to function.

You must reach Anamedia and restore its stability. As you explore its four regions, you'll solve puzzles of varying difficulty.

Your journey will become increasingly complex, peculiar and spellbinding as you uncover Anamedia's origins, culture and language.

The game, from indie developer Similia, is to be released for Windows (with Mac and Linux to follow) in 2016. You can download a playable demo for Windows here.

Edit -- January 17, 2016: Playable demos for both Windows and Mac are available here.  

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