Kickstarter Planned for the Sci-Fi RPG Consortium: The Tower (Prophecy)
Kickstarter Planned for the Sci-Fi RPG Consortium: The Tower (Prophecy)
In anticipation of the campaign's January 18, 2016 launch, developer Interdimensional Games (iDGi) has released a new trailer showcasing the Consortium King
Posted: 12/14/15 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Interdimensional Games | Platform: Windows

Note: It appears that this game is known as both Consortium: The Tower and Consortium: The Tower Prophecy

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Teaser Trailer Released for Consortium: The Tower Prophecy - July 7, 2015


Consortium: The Tower is actually several things: (1) a sequel to 2014's Consortium; (2) the second game in a planned trilogy; and (3) a stand-alone game. It features all of the same core mechanics, interface systems, gear and dynamic fourth-wall shattering concepts as Consortium.

The game takes place in 2042 in The Churchill Tower, a massive, futuristic skyscraper in the heart of London, England. It's here that a straightforward mission to rescue civilian hostages from terrorists turns into a global debacle involving a deeply rooted conspiracy.

The choice will be yours whether to fight, explore, sneak or talk your way through the experience. Will you be able to discover the secret behind the mysterious Tower?

Consortium: The Tower will be released by iDGi on PC/Windows at a date TBD. Meanwhile, look for the game's Kickstarter campaign on January 18, 2016.

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