OXENFREE to arrive in January 2016 for PC and Xbox One
OXENFREE to arrive in January 2016 for PC and Xbox One
This supernatural adventure game is the first from indie developer Night School Studio, comprised of alumni from Telltale and Disney
Posted: 11/24/15 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Platform: Xbox one, Windows

OXENFREE - Equal Parts Coming-of-Age Story and Supernatural Thriller (includes PC teaser and screens) - April 20, 2015

In OXENFREE, a group of teens sneaks off to an old military outpost for an overnight party that goes terribly wrong.

Sean Krankel, co-founder of Night School: It’s a coming-of-age story where players control how their hero comes of age. We’re drawing on the fond and mortifying aspects of being in your late teens, and setting it against a dangerous and ghostly backdrop.

Vocal talent will include Erin Yvette (Snow in The Wolf Among Us, Sasha in Tales From the Borderlands), Gavin Hammon (Kenny from The Walking Dead, Beast in The Wolf Among Us, Tomb Raider) and Britanni Johnson (Angel from Borderlands, Borderlands 2).

OXENFREE is set to launch in January 2016 for PC/Windows and Xbox One.

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