Upcoming Releases - Adventure Games
Upcoming Releases - Adventure Games
Upcoming release list for adventure games including recently released adventure games. Includes trailer, latest article on JA, publisher, and release date.
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Help us out! If you've seen a release date which is not listed here, or if there is a game missing from the list below, let us know.

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2015 Review and Release List

Recent Releases
Title Date Platform(s) Developer Demo Trailer On JA
 Consortium: The Tower  1/8/2016 PC  Interdimensional Games Inc.    Trailer  12/14/2015
 OXENFREE  1/14/2016 PC  Night School Studio    Trailer  11/24/2015
 INFRA  1/16/2016 PC  Loiste Interactive    Trailer  Review
 Gemini: Heroes Reborn  1/18/2016 PC, Xbox One, PS4  Phosphor Games    Trailer  Review
 Between Me and the Night  1/22/2016 PC  RainDanceLX | Lace Games    Trailer  8/21/2015
 The Witness  1/26/2016 PC, PS4, IOs  Jonathon Blow | Thekla    Trailer  Review
 The A.B.C. Murders - Agatha Christie  1/28/2016 PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox, iOS, Android  Microdis | Anuman    Trailer  Review
 Steve Jackson's Sorcery! Parts 1 & 2  2/2/2016 PC, Mac, Android, iOS  Inkle Studios    Trailer  Review
 Firewatch  2/9/2016 PC, Mac, Linux, PS4  Campo Santo    Trailer  Review
 A Short Tale  2/11/2016 PC, Mac, Android iOS  Glitch Games    Trailer  Review
 Layers of Fear  2/15/2016 PC, Mac,, Linux, PS4, Xbox  Bloober Team SA    Trailer  
 The Walking Dead: Michonne - Ep  2/23/2016 PC, Mac, Console, Mobile  Telltale Games    Trailer  Review
 The Town of Light  2/26/2016 PC, Mac, Linux  LKA.it    Trailer  Review
 Soul Axiom  2/29/2016 PC, Mac, Linux  Wales Interactive    Trailer  Review
 Deponia Doomsday  3/1/2016 PC, Mac, Linux  Daedalic Entertainment    Trailer  Review
 Karaski: What Goes Up  3/2/2016 PC  Unbound Creations    Trailer  
 The Interactive Adventures of Dog Men..  3/3/2016 PC, Mac, Linux  OKAM Studio    Trailer  
 Shardlight  3/8/2016  PC  Wadjeteye Games    Trailer  Review
 Knee Deep Act 3 Boomtown  3/8/2016 PC, Mac, Linux  Prologue Games    Trailer  
 The Guest  3/10/2016  PC  Team Gotham    Trailer  Review
 Obscuritas  3/17/2016  PC  VIS Games    Trailer  
 Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet  3/22/2016 PC, Mac, Linux  Application Systems    Trailer  Review
 Day of the Tentacle Remastered  3/22/2016 PC Mac, PS4, PS Vita  Double Fine Productions    Trailer  Review
 Samorost 3  3/24/2016 PC, Mac  Amanita Design    Trailer  Review
 Adr1ft  3/28/2016 PC, Xbox One, PS4  THREE ONE ZERO    Trailer  
 The Walking Dead Michonne Ep 2  3/29/2016 PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox1, iOS, Android  Telltale Games    Trailer  Review
 Minecraft: Story Mode Ep 5  3/29/3016 PC, Xbox One, PS4, Other    Telltale Games    Trailer  Review
 Crystal Rift  3/30/2016 PC, Mac, Linux, PS4  Psytec Games Ltd    Trailer  Review
 Demetrios - The Big Cynical Adventure  3/31/2016 PC, Mac, Linux PS Vita  Cowcat Games    Trailer  Review
 The Minims  4/1/2016 PC, Mac, iOS   Beyondthosehills    Trailer  Review
 Adam's Venture: Origins  4/1/2016 PC, Xbox One, PS4  Vertigo | Sodesco    Trailer  Review
 Windlands  4/5/2016 PC, Mac  Psytec Games    Trailer  Review
 Dark Souls III  4/11/2016 PC, Xbox One, PS4  FromSoftware    Trailer  6/19/2015
 Goetia  4/14/2016 PC, Mac, Linux  Sushee | Square Enix    Trailer  Review
 POLLEN  4/20/2016  PC  Mindfield Games    Trailer  Review
 Bolt Riley: A Reggae Adventure Ch. 1  4/20/2016 PC, Mac, Linux  Adventure Mob | Corbomite    Trailer  
 King's Quest Ch 3 Once Upon a Climb  4/26/2016 PC, Xbox One, PS4, Others  The Odd Gentlemen    Trailer  Review
 Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim  4/26/2016 PC, Mac, Linux   Overflow Games    Trailer  
 Wailing Heights  4/27/2016 PC, Mac, Linux  Outsider Games    Trailer  Review
 Left Alone  4/28/2016 PC  Volumetric Games    Trailer  
 Fragments of Him  5/2/2016 PC  Sassybot    Trailer  Review
 Kathy Rain  5/5/2016 PC, Mac, Linux   Clifftop Games    Trailer  Review
 Chicku  5/5/2016 PC  Gatling Goat Studios    Trailer  Review
 Catyph: The Kunci Experiment  5/11/2016 PC  Simon Says: Play!    Trailer  Review
 Time Machine VR  5/19/2016 PC, PS4 (TBA)  Minority Media Inc.    Trailer  
 PataNoir  6/1/2016 PC, Android, iOS  SiChris Productions    Trailer  Review
 The NADI Project  6/1/2016 PC  Monkeys Tales Studio    Trailer  Review
 The Solus Project  6/7/2016 PC, Xbox One  Hourences, Grip Games    Trailer  
 Tick's Tales  6/9/2016 PC, Mac, Linux  Digital Bounce House    Trailer  Review
 Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter  6/10/2016 PC, Xbox One, PS4  Frogwares | Big Ben    Trailer  
 Crimson Room: Decade  6/10/2016  PC, Mac  Dream Holdings    Trailer  Review
 Catyph: The Kunci Experiment  6/14/2016 PC  Simon Says: Play!    Trailer  Review
 Dreamfall Chapters Book 5: Redux  6/17/2016 PC, Mac, Linux   Red Thread Games    Trailer  Review
 The Technomancer  6/28/2016 PC, PS4, Xbox One  Spider Studio | Focus    Trailer  
 Inside  7/7/2016 PC, Xbox One  Playdead    Trailer  Review
 VR: Vacate the Room  7/15/2016 VR, PC  Heiko Ihde    Trailer  Review
 The Eyes of Ara  7/19/2016 PC, Mac  100 Stones Interactive    Trailer  Review
 The Land of Eyas  7/21/2016 PC, Mac, Linux   Happy Star Productions    Trailer  Jul 15, 2016
 Slap Village: Reality Slap  7/21/2016 PC, Mac  MonkeyToons    Trailer  Review
 We Happy Few - Alpha  7/26/2016 PC, Xbox One  Compulsion Games    Trailer  Preview
 Lethe - Episode 1  8/1/2016 PC, Mac  Koukou Studios    Trailer  Review
 ABZU  8/2/2016 PC, PS4   Giant Squid | 505 Games    Trailer  Review
 Shady Brook  8/3/2016 PC, iOS, Android  Storycentric Worlds      Review
 Batman Ep 1 - A Realm of Shadows  8/8/2016 PC, Mac, Xbox One, PS4  Telltale Games    Trailer  Review
 Bear With Me - Episode 1  8/8/2016 PC, Mac  Exordium Games    Trailer  Review
 No Man's Sky  8/9/2016 PC, PS4  Hello Games    Trailer  Review
 Bound  8/16/2016 PS4  SCE Santa Monica | Plastic     Trailer  Review
 Phantaruk  8/16/2016 PC  Polyslash    Trailer  
 Firebird - La Péri  8/19/2016 PC, VR  Innerspace VR    Trailer  Review
 Deus Ex: Mankind Divided  8/23/2016 PC, PS4, Xbox One  Square Enix / Eidos Montreal    Trailer  Review
 Obduction  8/24/2016 PC  Cyan, Inc.    Trailer  
 De-void  9/2/2016 PC  Pulsetense Games | KISS    Trailer  
 Even[0]  9/14/2016 PC, Mac  Ocelot Society    Trailer  Review
 The Bunker  9/20/2016 PC, Mac, PS4  Splendy Interactive    Trailer  Review
 King’s Quest Ep. 4 Snow Place Like Home  9/27/2016 PC, Xbox One, PS4, Other  The Odd Gentlemen    Trailer  Review
Upcoming Releases
Title Date      Platform(s)  Developer Demo Trailer On JA
 TBD PC  Dream Wave Games   Trailer
 TBD PC  RealmsForge      Feb 17, 2014
 TBD PC  Dark Motif    
 AER  2016 PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, Xbox One  Forgotten Key  
 Affected the Cabin  TBD PC  Fallen Planet Studios  
 TBD  PC, Mac, Other  Black Cloud Studios  
 Albino Lullaby: Ep 2   TBD PC  ApeLaw    Trailer  Sept 23, 2014
 TBD PC, MAC  Deaf Bird Entertainment  
 2016 PC  Lillith Ltd  
 2016 PC, Mac, Linux  Similia  Demo
 Aug 2016 PC  Apeirogon Games  
 Apartment: A Separated Place  Spring '16 PC, Mac, Linux  The Elsewhere Company  Demo  Video  May 15, 2015
 A Place for the Unwilling  TBD PC, Mac  AlPixel Games    Video  Mar 10, 2016
 A Rite from the Stars   TBD PC, Wii U, Ouya, Other   Risin' Goat    Trailer  Sept 4, 2014
 AR-K (episodic)  TBD PC, Mac   Gato Salvaje Studio    Trailer  Jul 9, 2015
 Arkhangel: The House of the Seven Stars  TBD PC, Mac  Winter Night Games    Trailer  Nov 11, 2015
 Arrival in Hell  Early 2017 PC, Mac  Epic Industries | Play Mex    Trailer  Sep 7, 2016
 The Artifact  2016 PC  Engima Games    Trailer  Aug 7, 2016
 Ashen Rift  TBD PC, Mac, PS4, Linux   Pyroclastic Games    Video  Nov 27, 2014
 Aterweald II  TBD PC   KaloyanMarinoff    Trailer  Feb 27, 2014
 Avenging Angel  TBD PC   Dark Amber Softworks  Demo  Trailer  Nov 26, 2014
 ASYLUM  TBD PC Mac, Linux   Senscape    Trailer  Aug 15, 2014
 Baader Meinhof Phenomenon  TBD PC, Mac, Linux  Bearded Pixel    Video  Mar 9, 2015 
 The Bard's Tale IV  TBD PC, Mac, Linux  Inxile    Video  June 2, 2015
 The Ballads of Reemus 2  2015 PC, Mac, Linux   Zeebarf    Video  Sept 20, 2013
 The Banner Saga 2  4/19/2016 PC, Mac  Stoic Studio    Trailer  Mar 25, 2016
 Before  TBD PC, Mac, Linux   Facepunch Studios    Trailer  Dec 7, 2014
 Black The Fall  Fall 2016 PC, Mac, Linux  Sand Sailor Studio    Trailer  Apr 4, 2014
 Bracken Tor: The Time of Tooth & Claw  TBD PC   Shadow Tor Studios | Iceberg    Trailer  
 Burly Men at Sea  2016 PC, Mac iOS, Android   Brain&Brain      Dec 24, 2014
 Cain  TBD PC  Gazpacho Games    Trailer  
 Call of Cthulhu  TBD PC, PS4, Xbox One   Frogwares | Focus      Jan 21, 2014
 Catequesis  TBD PC, Mac, Linux   Baroque Decay, Curved Cat     Trailer  
 City of Secrets 2 (episodic)  TBD PC, Mac, iOS Other   AidemMedia    Trailer  
 Columnae: A Past Under Construction  TBD PC, Mac, Linux  Moonburnt Studio    Trailer  Sep 28, 2015
 Conarium  Q1 2017 PC, PS4, Xbox One  Zoetrope Interactive      Jul 22, 2016
 The Corridor  TBD PC, Mac, Linux  Desktop Daydreams Studios    Trailer  
 Cross of the Dutchman  TBD PC, Mac  Triangle Studios    Trailer  Jun 27, 2015
 Crow's Eye  TBD PC, Mac, Linux   3D2 Entertainment  Demo   Trailer  Nov 19, 2014
 Damn Virgins  TBD PC, Mac, perhaps iOS  Luis Ruiz    Trailer Jan 13, 2015
 Darkest Night  TBD PC, Mac, Linux  VoytechInteractive      Jan 19, 2015
 DARQ  TBD PC, Mac, Linux  Unfold Games    Trailer  Dec 22, 2015
 Dead Secret  3/28/2016 PC, Mac  Robot Invader    Trailer  
 Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse  TBD PC, Mac, Linux  Steamroller Studios    Trailer  May 7, 2015
 Defect Spaceship Destruction Kit  7/28/2016 PC, Mac, iPad, Android   Three Phase Interactive    Trailer  Jun 23, 2015
 The Detail (episodic)  TBA PC, Mac, Linux   Rival Games Ltd.    Trailer  Nov 7, 2014
 The Descendant  3/24/2016 PC  Gaming Corps      Mar 13, 2016
 Désiré  TBD PC, Mac, Linux, Android  Sylvain Seccia    Trailer  Aug 23, 2015
 Desolate  TBD PC, Mac, Linux   InkBit Collective/Elliot Collis    Trailer  Sept 12, 2014
 Detective Di  TBD PC, Mac   Nupixo Games    Trailer  Feb 28, 2015
 Devastated Dreams  2016 PC, Mac, Linux  Infinitap Games  Demo  Trailer  Jul 14, 2015
 The Devil's Men  Q2 2015 PC, Mac   Daedalic      Aug 11, 2014
 Dispatcher (Steam Early Access Now)  TBD PC  Civil Savages    Trailer  Jul 13, 2015
 Dome City  2017 PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, Xbox One  Overon Station    Teaser  Jan 13, 2016
 Downward  Q1 2017 PC, Mac, Linux  Caracal Games    Trailer  Jan 11, 2016
 Draugen  TBD PC, Mac, Other  Red Thread Games    Trailer  Sept 2, 2014
 Duke Grabowski  TBD PC, Mac, Linux, Ouya  Venture Moon Industries    Video  Aug 10, 2014
 Eastshade  TBD PC, Consoles  Eastshade Studios    Trailer  
 Echoes - Ep. 1: Diagnosis  2016 PC  Thermo-Dynamic Games    Trailer  Jul, 18, 2016
 Edge of Eternity  2016 PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, PS4  Midgar Studio  Demo  Video  Mar 11, 2015
 Edge of Nowhere  2016 PC  Insomniac Games    Teaser  Jan 1, 2016
 ELEX  Early 2017 PC, Xbox One, PS4  Pirahna Bytes | Nordic      Dec, 13, 2015
 Elsinore  Sept 2016 PC, Mac  Golden Glitch    Trailer  Apr 28, 2015
 Elroy and the Aliens  TBD PC, Mac, Vita, iOS, Android  Motiviti Games    Trailer  Sep 1, 2016
 Empathy  Sept 2016    Pixel Hungers | Iceberg    Trailer  
 Empyrion - Galactic Survival
 Early Access PC, Linux  Eleon Game Studios    Trailer  April 23, 2015
 Essence  2016 PC, Mac, Linux  Onevision Games    Video  Feb 16, 2016
 Ethereon  TBD PC, Mac, Linux   Innervision  Demo  Trailer  Nov 19, 2014
 The Fall Part 2: Unbound  Q1 2017 PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Wii U  Over The Moon    Trailer  Aug 7, 2016
 The Fate of It All  Dec 2016 PC  Michael Clark  Demo    May 2, 2016
 Finding Paradise  Late '16 PC, Mac, Linux  Freebird Games    Trailer  Jan 14, 2016
 Foxtail  Late 2016 PC, Mac, Linux  artemvodorez    Trailer  Jul 9, 2015
 The Franz Kafka Video Game  2016  PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android  mif2000    Trailer  Dec 3, 2013
 Freak Files  TBD PC, Mac, iOS, Android   AideMMedia      
 The Gallery: Call of the Starseed  TBD PC  Clouhead Games    Trailer  Mar 31, 2016
 Ghost Watch  TBD iOS first, then PC and Mac   Darklingroom      
 Ghost Theory  TBD PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, PS4  Dreadlocks      Sep 17, 2016
 The Grandfather  5/3/2016 PC, Mac, PS4  MPR ART  Demo  Trailer  Sep 9, 2015
 Gray Dawn  2016 PC  Interactive Stone    Trailer  Sep 17, 2015
 Heaven's Hope  2016 PC, Mac   Mosaic Mask Studios    Trailer  Aug 14, 2015
 Herald  TBD PC, Mac, Linux  Wispfire  Demo  Trailer  Apr 23, 2015
 Her Majesty's Spiffing  TBD PC, Mac, Linux   BillyGoat Entertainment    Video   Oct 19, 2014
 Hob  TBD PC, PS4  Runic Games    Trailer  Dec 24, 2015
 The Hum: Abductions  TBD PC, Mac, PS4  Totwise Games    Trailer  May 4, 2015
 The Human Gallery  2016 PC  Jesse Makkonen    Trailer  
 Igneos: The Last Phoenix  TBD PC  Bearinginmind Games  Demo  Trailer  Jan 20, 2015
 Ira  8/312016 PC,, Mac, Linux  Ore Creative  Demo  Trailer  Mar 17, 2015
 Jack Houston and the Necronauts  TBD PC   Warbird Games    Trailer  
 Jason the Greek  TBD PC   LeFoosh  Demo  Video  Nov 29, 2013
 Jennifer Wilde: The Ghost of Oscar Wilde  TBD PC  Outsider Games      Aug 30, 2016
 Jenny LeClue  TBD PC, Mac, Linux  Mografi    Trailer  Jul 24, 2014
 Johny Rocketfingers 3  TBD  PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android  Ryan Khatam    Trailer  Dec 5, 2014
 Kentucky Route Zero Ep, 4, 5 (episodic)  TBD  PC, Mac, Linux  Cardboard Computer    Trailer  
 King's Quest Ep. 4 (episodic)  2016 PC, Xbox One, PS4, Others   The Odd Gentlemen    Trailer  Sep 9, 2015
 K'nossos  Jan 2016 PC, Mac, Linux  Svarum Games  
 Kona: Day One  Jan 2016 PC, Mac, Linux   Parabole    Trailer  Nov 19, 2015
 The Last Crown: Blackenrock  2016 PC  Darkling Room    Trailer  
 The Last DeadEnd  TBD PC  AzDimension  Demo  Trailer  
 The Last Door: Season 2 (Early Access)  10/26/2015 PC, Mac, Linux  The Game Kitchen | Phoenix    Trailer  
 Last Life  TBD PC, Mac, Linux   Rocket Science Amusements    Trailer  May 3, 2014
 The Last Time  2016 PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android  Big Cow  Demo  Trailer  Jul 14, 2015
 Last Year  Fall 2016 PC   James Matthew Wearing    Trailer  Dec 3, 2014 
 Legend of the Spirit Bird  TBD PC, iPad  RAT Games    Trailer  
 The Legend Returns  TBD PC  Elder Productions    Trailer  Mar 26, 2015
 Lifestream  2016 PC, Android, iOS, Other  Unimatrix Productions  Demo  Trailer  Mar 18, 2016
 Little Devil Inside  Fall 2016 PC, Mac, Linux  Neostream    Trailer  Apr 25, 2015
 Loki's Exile: A Norse Noir Adventure...    TBD PC, Mac, tablet  Kreative Spill A/S    Trailer  Aug 27, 2014
 The Long Dark - Story Mode  Spring 2016 PC, Xbox One  Hinterland Studio    Trailer  Dec 19, 2015
 Lumo: A Puzzle Platformer  Q2 2016 PC, Xbox One, PS4  Triple Eh?/Gareth Noyce    Video  May 3, 2016
 To Azimuth  2017 PC, Mac, Linux  [bracket] games    Trailer  Mar 14, 2016
 Mage's Initiation: Reign of the Elements  TBD PC  Himalaya Studios    Trailer  Dec 25, 2013
 Magic Lost  TBD PC, Mac, Linux  Bryan Powell/Conundrum Cove  Demo  Video  Oct 09, 2015
 Maize  Fall 2016 PC  Finish Line Games    Trailer  May 24, 2016
 The Mandate  2016 PC  Perihelion Interactive    Video  Jul 16, 2015
 Mass Effect: Andromeda  Late 2016 PC, PS4, Xbox One  Bioware | EA    Trailer  Jun 19, 2015
 Mega Bad Code  TBD PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android   Wax Lyrical Games      Feb 6, 2014
 Megamagic: Wizards of the Neon Age  TBD ??  Beautifun Gams    Trailer  Jun 8, 2015
 Milkmaid of the Milky Way  2016 PC, Mac, iOS  machineboy - Mattis Folkestad    Trailer  Nov 25, 2015
 Monolith  TBD PC, Mac, iOS, Android   Animation Arts    Trailer  Dec 31, 2014
 Morning Men  11/22/16 PC Mac  Pixel Federation    Trailer  Jul 25, 2016
 The Mystery of Oak Island  TBD PC, Mac, iOS, Android  Visionaire Studio    Video  May 15, 2015
 Nando's World  2016 PC, Mac   NHIM Games    Trailer  
 Nantucket  2016 PC  Picaresque Studio    Trailer  May 6, 2015
 Narcosis  TBD    Honor Code, Inc.    Trailer  May 26, 2016
 Night in the Woods  2016 PC, Mac, Linux, PS4  Infinite Fall    Trailer  Jan 8, 2016
 NORA Act 1  TBD PC  GravTech, Burnout     Trailer  Mar 26, 2015
 Nosebound  2016 PC, Mac   Buenos Aires Quarantine    Trailer  Nov 13, 2014
 Nowhere: Lost Memories  TBD iOS, Ouya  DarkPath Studio    Trailer  Jun 9, 2015
 Octopus City Blues  TBA PC, Mac,, Linux   Ghost in a Bottle  Demo  Trailer  
 Outlast II  Fall 2016 PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One  Red Barrel Games    Trailer  Dec 9, 2015
 OreLight  Early Access PC, Mac, Linux  Geek Beach    Trailer  Apr 24, 2015
 Oz Orwell and the Exorcist  2016 PC   Midian Design    Trailer  
 P.A.M.E.L.A.  2016 PC  NVYVE Studios    Trailer  Dec 23, 2015
 Paradigm  2016 PC, Mac, Linux   Jacob Janerka  Demo  Trailer  Oct 7, 2014
 Paranoid Days  Q2 2016 PC, Linux  Finknoise    Trailer  Jul 22, 2015
 The Park  Oct 2015 PC  Funcom    Teaser  Aug 28, 2015
 Perturbia  TBD PC  Imaginary Game Studio  Demo  Trailer  Jan 20, 2014
 Phoning Home  Q1 2016 PC, Mac  ION LANDS    Trailer  Sep 9, 2015
 Pillars  TBD PC  Ficus Game Studios    Trailer  
 Pinstripe  2016 PC, Mac, Linux, iOS  Thomas Bush | Altus Games    Trailer  Apr 5, 2016
 Please Knock on My Door  TBD PC   Michael Levall    Trailer  
 Plugged  TBD PC, Mac, Android  Endtimes Studio    Trailer  May 7, 2015
 Poltergus  2016 PC, Mac  Rad Sandwich Studios    Trailer  Nov 30, 2015
 Project Scissors: NightCry  TBD PC  Nude Maker Co. | Playism     Trailer  Feb 3, 2015
 Quern  Q4 2016 PC, Mac, Linux  Zadbox    Trailer  Jul 10, 2015
 Rose | Ep 1 - Time Apart (episodic)  TBD PC, Mac, iOS, Android   Cellar Door Ineractive    Trailer  Aug 11, 2014
 Republique: Part 3 (episodic)  2015 iOS, Android   Camouflaj    Trailer    
 A Rite from the Stars  TBA PC, Mac, Wii U, Ouya, Other   Risin Goat    Trailer  Sept 4, 2014
 Robinson: The Journey  2016 Sony PS4  Crytek    Trailer  Dec 9, 2015
 Routine  TBD PC, Mac   Lunar Software    Trailer  Jun 25, 2013
 Sandra and Woo (episodic)  TBD PC, Mac  Feline Fuelled Games    Trailer  Nov 24, 2015
 Seasons after Fall  2016 PC, Mac, Linux  Swing Swing Submarine    Trailer  Jan 30, 2015
 The Secret Monster Society  TBD PC  Deceptive Games  Demo  Trailer  Jun 6, 2016
 Silence - The Whispered World 2  TBD PC, Mac   Daedalic    Trailer  Aug 14, 2014
 Simon the Sorcerer: Between Worlds  TBD  PC  StoryBeasts      Dec 2, 2014
 Shadow of Nebula  TBD PC, Mac, Linux  Bisonia  Demo  Trailer  Mar 12, 2015
 The Signal From Tolva  Early 2017 PC, Mac  Big Robot Ltd.    Trailer  Aug 2, 2016
 The Sinking City  TBD PC  Frogwares | Bigben      Apr 4, 2016
 The Slaughter Act 2  2016 PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android   Brainchild Studios    Trailer  Nov 26, 2013
 Sonder  TBD PC, Next Gen Consoles  Kamai Media    Trailer  
 Song of Horror  2016 PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, Xbox One  Protocol Games    Trailer  Nov 7, 2015
 Space Safari  2016 PC, Mac, Linux   Cunning Force Games  Demo  Trailer  Dec 17, 2014
 SpaceVenture  2016 PC, Mac, Linux, iPad  Two Guys from Andromeda    Video  
 Stable Orbit  Oct 2016 PC  Codalyn    Trailer  Aug 1, 2016
 Stifled  2016 PC, PS4  Gattai Games    Trailer  Aug 25, 2016
 Styx: Shards of Darkness  2016 PC, PS4, Xbox One  Cynide Studios      Oct 17, 2015
 Supreme League of Patriots (episodic)  2016 PC, Mac, Linux, iOS  No Bull Intentions | Phoenix    Trailer  Jan 29, 2015
 Syberia 3  12/1/2016  PC, PS3, Xbox 360  Anuman under Microids Brand    Trailer  May 23, 2016
 Syndrome  2016 PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, PS4  Camel 101    Trailer  Oct 2, 2015
 Tacoma: Space Exploration  2016 PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One  The Fullbright Company    Trailer  Jan 9, 2016
 Take on Mars  Early Access PC, Mac  Bohemia Interactive    Trailer  Feb 27, 2015
 Tales  TBD PC  Ape Marina  Demo    Apr 5, 2015
 Tales of Cosmos  2016 PC, Mac  Red Dwarf  Demo  Trailer  Jun 25, 2015
 Tainted Fate  2016 PC, Mac  Misfit Village    Trailer  Dec 24, 2013
 Tempest  8/22/2016 PC, Mac  Lion's Shade | HeroCraft    Trailer  Aug 4, 2016
 Tiny & Tall Gleipnir  2016 PC, Mac, Linux  Pinssss  Demo  Trailer  Sep 14, 2015
 Tokyo Dark  2016 PC, Mac  Cherrymochi    Trailer  Mar 21, 2015
 Troll Song(episodic)  TBD PC  Team Disaster  Demo  Trailer  Dec 26, 2014
 The Last Look  Q4 2016 PC  ChaosCore Studio  Demo  Trailer  Jul 11, 2016
 The Mystery of Woolley Mountain  Oct 2017 PC, Mac  James Lightfoot  Demo  Trailer  Jul 20, 2016
 The Nightmare from Outspace  TBD PC  Domaginarium  Demo  Trailer  Oct 16, 2015
 The Thin Silence  2016 PC, Mac  Two PM Studios    Trailer  Aug 4, 2016
 The Turing Test  8/31/2016 PC, Xbox One  Bulkhead Interactive    Trailer  Jul 22, 2016
 The Walking Dead: Michonne Ep 3  TBD PC, Mac, PS 3/4, Xbox 1/360..  Telltale Games    Trailer  Dec 7, 2015
 Thimbleweed Park  Late 2016 PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android  Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick      Dec 15, 2014
 Through the Woods  Oct 2016 PC, Mac, Linux  Antagonist  Demo  Trailer  
 Titanic: Honor and Glory  2016 PC  Four Funnels Entertainment    Trailer  Nov 24, 2014
 Totem Teller  TBD PC, Mac, Linux  Grinning Pickle      
 Toy Quest: The Lost and Found  2016 PC, Mac  Hiker Games    Trailer  Jun 4, 2015
 Trudy's Mechanical  Early 2016 PC  Incubator Games    Trailer  Aug 30, 2015
 TSIOQUE  TBD PC, Mac, iOS, Ouya  OhNoo Studios  Demo  Trailer  
 Tumbling Apart  2017 PC  Goodnamehere_  Demo  Trailer  Aug 5, 2016
 Upside-Down Dimensions  Q2 2016 PC, Linux  Hydra Interactive    Trailer  Mar 25, 2015
 Vampyr  2017 PC, PS4, Xbox One  Dontnod | Focus Home    Trailer  Dec 4, 2015
 Vane  TBA TBA  Friend & Foe    Teaser  Jan 9, 2016
 V.Next  Mid 2016 PC, Mac  SyncBuildRun    Trailer  Dec 9, 2015
 Vincent the Vampire  2016 PC, Mac  Intuit by Design    Trailer  Nov 17, 2014
 Virginia  2016 PC  Variable State      Jan 21, 2015
 VIsage  Jan 2017 PC, PS4, Xbox One  Sad Square Studio    Trailer  Mar 30, 2016
 Wanda: A Beautiful Apocalypse  Q1 2016 PC  Kodots Game Studio    Trailer  Jan 12, 2016
 The Warden  TBD PC, Mac  Black Mist Studios    Trailer  Jul 21, 2015
 The Watchmaker  Q2 2017 PC, PS4, Xbox One  Micropsia | IC Publishing    Trailer  Aug 6, 2016
 We Happy Few  TBD PC  Compulsion Games    Trailer   Mar 27, 2015
 White Heaven  2016 PC  Dreampainters Studio    Trailer  Mar 26, 2016
 Windscape  Q4 2017 PC, PS4, Xbox One  Magic Sandbox | Headup    Trailer  Sep 1, 2016
 Winterflame: The Other Side  Apr 2016 PC  Artoncode    Trailer
 Apr 21, 2015
 The Wesport Independent Wlll be Hiring..  TBD PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android  Double Zero One Zero    Trailer  Feb 18, 2015
 World Never End  TBA PC, Mac, Linux, Console  Heartquake Studios      Oct 17, 2015
 Xing: The Land Beyond  2016 PC  White Lotus Interactive    Trailer  Mar 8, 2014
 Yesterday Origins  2016 PC, Mac, Xbox One, PS4, iOS   Pendulo Studios, Microids    
 May 25, 2015
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