A New Beginning
A New Beginning
In trouble with some of the complex puzzles? Here's a walkthrough to help you on your way to the finish!
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by Len Green
13 September 2011





A New Beginning is full of the usual inventory and dialog type puzzles etc. However there is also a considerable number of complex &/or stand-alone and multi-layered puzzles.  Some contain just a relatively few steps, but many others contain a very large number of stages. In most of these cases, the player cannot save in a 'straightforward' way, during the middle of these steps, but CAN do so by exiting the puzzle first, saving, and then returning into the puzzle!!

Three or four of the most complex and exhaustive puzzles following can be skipped. After about 3 minutes of working on each of these, a large red circular button appears at the extreme  top right corner of your monitor. Press it if you wish to skip the puzzle, ignore it if you don't!.  For many players the puzzles in adventures are a very important aspect of the games. For some folk they are even the most important aspect. This walkthrough deals with every COMPLEX puzzle fully and extensively on the assumption that none is to be skipped!


A  few  Important  INSTRUCTIONS


  • You should not necessarily have to follow the exact same order of performing all actions or even, accessing some locations.
  • Every time you obtain a new item, it will appear in your inventory. You should observe each new inventory item immediately after it appears there by right clicking on it you will probably need it in some way or other.
  • In the text (following), all objects which are acquired and entered into the inventory are written in  bold, underlined, italicized, blue.
  • All objects which are used from the inventory are written in  bold, underlined, red.
  • To highlight every hotspot (and exit) press the space bar. Every hotspot has a descriptive label.  Each of these labels, in its original form in the game, is written in this walkthrough below in bold brown - when it is accessed in the following text for the first time only.
  • In general, new items are only coloured when they appear for the first time in the text below.
  • There are MANY hotspots with labels throughout the game which are never used at all. None of these ismentioned in this puzzle walkthrough only items essential for solving the puzzles are listed and described. 
  • All sentences or phrases within double quotes are taken verbatim from the game itself i.e. actual quotes from various characters! 
  • In the text below, wherever the instruction says to 'click'', the meaning is to SINGLE LEFT CLICK on the mouse button only: Otherwise it will read, ''right-click", or "double click", etc.
  • Despite the fact that I fundamentally hate crticizing any Adventure game on principle, nevertheless, I must warn players of possible various bugs , technical quirks and even possible dead-ends !
  • All the many graphics contain important, and very often essential, information for solving the puzzles. They are all 'thumbnails' and hence must be clicked to open up and reveal their visible wealth of detail!




This is a relatively easy straightforward puzzle to start with - a sort of  Hors d'oeuvre if you like !


*****  Bent Svensson is standing by the "fogger" his contraption for controlling &/or improving the environment.

*****  Use the space-bar to highlight the hotspots - N.B. some are rather tricky to observe and access!

*****  Operate the fogger the engine starts up but quickly dies!

****  Open the shutter.

****  Access the motor (immediately below the shutter) and obtain a close-up.


****  Look at:-

  The broken/torn V-belt.

  The impeller (Large wheel) it's stuck!

  Another, different, impeller (small wheel).

          The screw - it's loose like some of us maybe?!?

*****  Remove the screw and ditch it, leaving a hole in its place.

*****  Remove the torn V-belt.

*****  In inventory, tie the ends of the torn V-belt and obtain a knotted belt.

*****  From inventory, replace the  knotted belt on the impellers.

*****  Exit the motor.

*****  Start the fogger again No good - the engine stalls again.

*****  Access the close-up of the motor again.

*****  Throw the broken V-belt away. A new replacement is needed!

*****  There is an exit from this scene, down the stairway (seemingly in the water) fairly near to the bottom right corner of the screen.

*****  Take that exit to Bent's house.

*****  Open the door.

*****  Enter the house.

*****  There are 2 paintings on the wall.

*****  In close-up observe the  left hand painting of the Atlas 11 team.

*****  Pay special attention to the bulge at the bottom right corner of the picture.  If you missed it, use the space bar to reveal it's position.

*****  Open up the bulge.

*****  Find a key and take it into inventory.

*****  Notice the cupboard.

*****  Immediately below it is a shelf and on it a bottle of oil.

*****  Take the rapeseed oil.

*****  Exit the house.

*****  Go down to the basement.

*****  Open the basement door. No go! It's locked!

*****  From inventory, use the key to open the door

*****    and enter.

*****  Look at the cover

*****  and pull it away revealing an inner room it was once Bent's home laboratory; now unused and abandoned!

*****  Look at and open the dresser.

*****  Take the screwdriver which is in the dresser..

*****  Observe and open the lodged door at the left  of the screen.

*****  Look at and take the bicycle-tube - Bent can't! He needs proper tools.

*****  From inventory, use the screwdriver to remove the bicycle tube. Note that the screwdriver breaks in the process  - but is still in inventory but labeled now as a broken screwdriver.

*****  Automatically, a  helicopter lands and to Bent's astonishment an unknown woman gets out and talks with him.

*****  The woman's name is Fay.

*****  Exhaust all dialog topics.

*****  Bent needs to finish his task before he can help Fay

*****  and so he returns to his fogger.   

*****  Access the motor again.

*****  If you haven't done so previously, throw away the torn belt.

*****  From inventory, replace the torn belt with the bicycle tube.

*****  Exit the motor.

*****  Again test the motor and once more it stops This time it is because the bicycle tube belt is too long,

*****  From inventory, use the broken screwdriver on the abovementioned hole. That seems OK.

*****  Once more start the motor and again it doesn't work. The cause this time is that the shutter constantly keeps opening and closing which dislodges the broken screwdriver.  Bent needs somebody to help by holding the shutter closed.

*****  Return to Fay .

*****  Convince her to cooperate by helping.

*****  Fay agrees reluctantly.

*****  Automatically Ben and Fay return together to the fogger. Fay does her bit by holding down the shutter andFINALLY THE FOGGER WORKS PROPERLY with some unexpected and somewhat dire results!





*****  In inventory, examine the time radio transmitter and the suitcase.

*****  From inventory, place the suitcase on the plateau (ground)., obtaining a close-up of the suitcase. "OK! Everything I need should be in the suitcase" says Fay!

*****  Click the manual on the top of the suitcase, and study the schematic of the fully (not yet) assembled time radio antenna and receiver.


*****  Open the suitcase.

*****  Use the space-bar to view the whole required contents of the suitcase. The items inside are:- the foot;  antenna;T-piececoupler;  cable fuse - plus from the inside lid of the suitcase, the receiver (cube).

All these items will be taken for use by clicking on them first where they reside in the open suitcase, and then on the ground. They do not enter the inventory which in any case is inaccessible during this puzzle. Each item will be designated WHEN ACTUALLY USED by bold, italicized, underlined text.

*****  From the suitcase, take the foot  and stand it on the ground (plateau).

*****  Click near the top of the foot and a tripod base opens up at the bottom of the foot for stability.

*****  From the open suitcase take all the remaining seven items listed above, (N.B. There are TWO cables!) and place them on the ground around and near to the foot.

*****  . From the ground, take the antenna  and fix it onto the ring at the top of the foot.

*****  From the ground, take the fuse and attach it to the antenna. (there are 2 identical 'sockets' for this, one below the other. Click the fuse on either of them).

*****  Observe the switch near the top of the antenna.

*****  Click on that switch and a tall extension antenna emerges upwards from the top of the antenna.

*****  From the ground, attach the coupler to the bottom of the extended antenna.

*****  From the ground, attach the T-piece to the top of the extended antenna.

*****  Click on the button at the center of the T-piece thus extending its 2 arms.

*****  From the ground, fix the receiver onto the coupler.

*****  From the ground, attach each one of the two cables onto the two plug  sockets on the coupler.

*****  Attach the ends of the 2 cables to the 2 plug sockets on the two T-pieces (horizontal arms).

*****  Fay congratulates herself!... "I did a pretty good job of this"! - "Well! Now we only have to determine the right sequence for the cubes" (This is the very next puzzle)!







Fay has JUST assembled the time radio antenna. In the following description you might need to refer to the previous puzzle.

Six cubes have to be attached to the slots on the arms at the top of the time radio antenna. The cubes must be placed in a special sequence with 3 on each side of the T-piece at the top of the time radio antenna arms.  It would seem that when this is completed successfully, the six cubes which have opened up into 6 panels presumably improve time radio reception?!?

The cubes reside on the inside of the lid of the suitcase and each is marked with a cross. To identify each cube, they will be referred to as top-left{T-L}, top-middle{T-M}, top-right{T-R}, bottom-left{B-L}, bottom-middle{B-M} and bottom-right{B-R}.

For the sake of clarity, in the following explanations (and graphics) I am calling the abovementioned 6 slots:- slot 1; slot 2; thro' slot 6.

As described below, when opened up, each cube becomes a panel composed of 9 squares which form a matrix of 3 x 3. Each of these panels/matrices has only 3 out of the 9 small squares active a different 'pattern' of 3 for each panel (See the following screencap).


So the preliminary thing to do is to identify what different group or pattern of 3 squares belongs to each of the 6 panels (which originate from each of the 6 cubes).

Then, the puzzle itself is to install the correct 3 panels on each side of the antenna's T-piece so that when they aretheoretically (visually not physically) superimposed on one another, they form a composite picture of a complete 'solid' 3 x 3 square (See the diagram below).


Solving the puzzle

Immediately after completing the assembly of the time radio antenna, i.e. at the end of the previous puzzle,  Fay congratulates herself "Well! Now we only have to determine the right sequence for the cubes". In other words she has to place ALL their panels correctly!

*****  From the open suitcase, take a cube and drag it onto one of the slots (I recommend 'slot 1').

Pay close attention to the T-piece on that same side whilst you actually release the cube onto the slot You will see a green light flash on for a second or so only!

        Don't worry if you miss the light it's very easy to do so first time you can repeat it as many times as you want; You don't even have to return the cube to the suitcase each time!  If you really can't get it to work for whatever reason, the green light flashes on at button 1 for slot 1, thro'  button 6 for slot 6.



        There may be more than 1 solution to this puzzle or even some randomization but I tend to think not! If there is only 1 unique solution then mine is below and should be universal!. If not however, then the method should explain ALL other variations!

***** Attach  B-M cube onto slot 1 as described above.

***** Attach  B-L cube onto slot 2.

***** Attach T-M cube onto slot 3.

*****  The 3 aforementioned cubes ALL go on the left side of the T-piece. Check, as explained and illustrated above, that they are 'correct'.

*****  The other 3 cubes go on the right hand side of the T-piece. It does not matter in what order you place them there.

        But in case there is any complication, I personally attached:-

*****  T-R cube onto slot 4.

*****  T-L cube onto slot 5.

*****  B-R cube onto slot 6 

*****  When you have finished this, Fay will exultantly say'The main switch lit up", and "I think I got it right".

*****  Notice that the red light on the main switch on the receiver has started to blink continuously. This indicates thatALL THE 6 CUBES HAVE BEEN INSTALLED CORRECTLY ON THE TIME  RADIO ANTENNA.


TO  CROSS  THE  ACID  WATER (and rescue 2 teamsters)


Fay has managed to paddle a primitive 'boat' across muddy and acidic water. She is standing close to where the other 2 remaining members of the whole project are trapped. All the others are dead! Only Salvador and Delvin are still alive apart from Fay all the others are dead.

Fay has to rescue them before they too are swept away and killed in the abyss.


***** Click on the space-bar to see all the hotspots.

*****  Fay has walked to the row of 6 stones (more like rocks!) and spoken to the 2 stranded members of the team.  They have managed to fire a harpoon bringing a rescue rope but it is on the other side of the acid water. Fay has got to get there somehow!

*****  Walk back just a bit and see a board sticking  out of the mud.

*****  Grab the (short) board.

*****  Walk back further and approach an abandoned truck

***** Fay exclaims "Hm. Looks like there is something behind the canvas".

*****  Try to open the canvas "But I can't get it off with my bare hands".

*****  From inventory, use the knife to rip a hole in the canvas.

*****  See some empty barrels inside the truck.

*****  'Roll out the barrel' it floats away and fills a gap alongside one of the stones enabling Fay to cross them.

*****  Return to the line of stones.

*****  From inventory, place the short board on the first stone.

*****  walk on the board to the first stone.

*****  Pick up the short board and place it in inventory.

*****  Move forward along the stones by repeating the previous 3 steps.

*****  As Fay passes the halfway point, the gap between stones becomes larger and the short board is insufficient to span them! Don't panic however! There is a convenient long board floating at hand in the water.

*****  Take the long board and put it into inventory.

*****  Continue as before using the long board from inventory instead of the short board.

*****  Finally, from inventory, use the short board once  again.

*****  Fay arrives at the opposite side of the acid water and breathes a sigh of relief "I'm not going to do that again, ever"!

*****  View the steel beam at the extreme right.

*****  Walk to the left again and look at the rope that Delvin shot up using a harpoon "You'll have to fix the rope to something".

*****  Walk left as far as you can go and examine the vehicle "Hm. .The key is in the (ignition) lock"! So test the engine - it works fine!

*****  Look at the rear of the vehicle "The rear axle is covered in mud".

*****  Fay retorts "I can't clear the mud with my bare hands".

*****  Use the dustpan to clear the heap of  mud revealing the wheel rim.

*****  Remove the wheel rim and put it into inventory "The back wheel is exposed now"..

*****  Look at the rear axle.

*****  From inventory, use the  wheel rim on the steel beam "The wheel rim is fitted to the iron rod".

*****  Use the rope on the wheel rim which is fixed to the steel beam "I put the rope on the wheel rim".

*****  Pick up the rope

*****  and, return to the vehicle.

***** Use the rope on the exposed rear axle.

*****  Finally, once again activate the vehicle's engine.






*****  Behind the terminal is a glass window with a full view of the turbine room. Verify that he turbines are not working.


*****  Check the above items.

*****  Look at and check the terminal's shutter.

*****  Press the power switch No power!

*****  Operate the terminal and see the puzzle: below


*****  There are probably several solutions to this puzzle. One solution, not necessarily the 'best', is as follows::-

  Designate the 5 knobs, from left to right, A thro' E. Each can be turned either clockwise or anti clockwise by pressing anumber of times appropriately.

  For the following solution, rotate each knob ONLY CLOCKWISE and in the IDENTICAL ORDER.  e.g. In the following example    D x 2;  B x 1 etc. means:  'Press D twice' followed by 'Press B once'.

The object of the exercise is to get the 5 lights at the top of the contraption to be green simultaneously.


D X 1;  A x 1;  E x 1;  D x 1;  A x 1;  F x 1;  B x 2;  C x 2.

*****  That's it! OOPS a short circuit! Something new for Fay to repair!!

*****  Return to the left and the previous room.

*****  See the left display case.

*****  Notice something sparking behind then left side of that case.  View it.

*****  Fay exclaims "An old exposed cable in a puddle. That must be the reason for the short"!

*****  Examine the shorting cable.

*****  "It runs along the wall" to the right and to a cover just past the opening to the next room.

*****  Open up this cover.

*****  Remove the (fuse) plug.

*****  Fay rejoices "Problem solved"! ALL THE TURBINES ARE WORKING FINE NOW!



*****  Deal with the terminal which is fairly close to the runnels, and beside the railing.

*****  If you haven't already done so, pick up the signal lamp from the floor to the left of the abovementioned terminal.

*****  Approach the 3 sockets alongside the left wall.

*****  Activate all 3 and examine the large panels which have sprung up.

*****  Pay special attention to the middle one it is the only panel which has a switched-on lamp on it.


*****  Retract the outside 2 sockets leaving only the middle one standing.

*****  Use the space bar to highlight the active hotspot empty lamp slots.

*****  Look at the vertical  row of  lamp slots on the right side. Concentrate on the one above the bottom

*****  and from inventory, fit the lamp into  that slot.

*****  In imagination, drop a vertical line down from the 'top lamp' and a horizontal line to the left from the 'side lamp'. They intersect 2 places horizontally to the left of the 'side lamp'.

*****  At that intersection point (slot), REMOVE  THE  (unbroken)  DATA  CRYSTAL.

[ *****  Also take the signal lamp into inventory. ]




*****  Go to the turbine room (See screenshot above).

*****  Examine the heavy reinforced door.

*****  Talk to the man inhabiting the other side of the door.

*****  He is starving hungry but won't accept Fay's offer of food pills!

*****  He would like Fay to come and cook for him but Fay can't &/or won't.

*****  Ascertain that there is an illuminated elevator on the other side of the door.

*****  Exam the other side of the door in the dispensing machine and the electronic lock.

*****  From inventory, put the membrane onto the electronic lock.

*****  Again from inventory, take the battery and place it on the membrane which  covers the lock.

*****  The lock explodes destroying both the membrane and the battery.

*****  Look into the coin chute and see something glittering there.

*****  Pocket the coins.

*****  There is a slot for money at the top right corner of the machine. From inventory,. feed the coins into it.

*****  Operate the machine and obtain  a bottle.

*****  From the machine, take the bottle of red curry cola.

*****  Look at it in inventory... "Red curry coke (sic) wakes you up"

*****  In inventory, combine the red curry cola with the chicken a l'orange pills to get curry chicken "Eww! Really sticky!!"

*****  From inventory, use the curry chicken on the heavy reinforced door. *****  The man inside tells Fay to leave the food on the stairs and then 'Get out"

*****  "I'll let you in if I like you".

*****  Fay does as commanded - leaves the food - exits the room - and immediately returns.


*****  Open the light (switch) in the darkness.

*****  Talk to the survivor and exhaust all dialog topics.

*****  Access the terminal which is just to the right if the survivor.

*****  Converse with the on-screen Avatar called 'Quickie'.

*****  Fay orders the video tape which Salvdor has told her is artifact 2110-8321-00.

*****  It seems that there are no less than 3 different artifacts with that identical ID#... a manuscript, a camera and the video tapes.

*****  Fay requests only the video tapes.

*****  Unfortunately neither the video tapes nor the manuscript are accessible.

*****  So Fay asks for the camera.

*****  It arrives packed in a glass box for protection/preservation.

*****  Remove the camera from the box and view it in inventory.

*****  In inventory, set the automatic timer for 1 minute.

*****  From inventory, send the 'timer-set' camera back to Quickie by clicking it on the box

*****  Access Quickie again in the terminal

*****  Once again ask him for the camera.

*****  Again remove the camera from the glass box (into inventory)

*****  Examine the camera in inventory and see the photo taken automatically by the timer after 1 minute.

*****  Fay sees a large case with the ID number printed on the side and alongside it are the video tapes.

****  Just as above, return the camera to Quickie.

*****  As previously, access Quickie in the terminal and, despite Fay knowing in advance that it is empty,  request the large container whose ID# is 3476-8970-9987.

*****  Look at the empty box.

*****  Fay notes "This box is much bigger than the others. Even I would fit in there".

*****  Open it up.

*****  Fay checks and finds that the box is indeed big enough for her to get into.

*****  Talk to the survivor and finish all dialog topics with him.

*****  Only after Fay 'promises' ("Scout's honor") to cook for him does he agree to cooperate and help.

*****  Fay gets into the glass box.

*****  Request Sean, the survivor to  order Quickie to send her down now!.

*****  She arrives at the storage department.

*****  Notice why the video tapes could not be accessed originally a troublesome broken crate.

*****  Open the glass box containing the video tapes. No go!!  The  box is jammed.

*****  From inventory, use the screwdriver on the glass box to open it.

*****  Finally, TAKE  THE  2  VIDEO  TAPES.

        [  N.B. (1)  One covered the power plant accident and the other filmed the climate conference.

(2)  Fay cannot exit the storage department without external assistance etc., etc. ] 



    There are NO unduly complex or stand alone puzzles in this very short chapter 3.  Just the 'standard' type of inventory-style puzzles etc. Some are straightforward and easy others are more abstruse! Any problems should be easily resolvable by consulting a regular walkthrough.






        In order to get the guard to allow Fay into the climate conference, she has to acquire a press card.

        To achieve this, she has to return to the helicopter and use the megaphone on the thick bathroom door to get the reporter to hear, get out of there, and give Fay his press card.

Utilizing inventory (input, output, etc.) quite a bit, she needs to

photograph herself and clip the photo to size using the scissors. Then she has to stick the photo onto the press card.

     Unconventionally, she takes a cube of sugar from a can, melts it on a burner, scrapes the resultant sticky goo off the burner with a knife.(If you are not quick enough, take another cube of sugar as above!).

Fay then applies the 'gluey knife' to the photo. Finally she sticks her photo onto the press card.

        And - Hey Presto! Fay enters the conference hall using her false name and doctored press card on the thuggish guard!




*****  Fay enters the auditorium.

*****  Fay tries in vain to argue with the speakers advocating the continuing use of nuclear power plants.

*****  Exit the open doorway on the left nearest the stage.

*****  In the reception hall, talk to Dr. Braun and complete all dialogs.

*****  Exit the glass door on the left to the balcony.

*****  Fay looks around below an imposing view including the crowd of protesters.

*****  Return to the building's reception hall.

*****  Walk through the exit under the 2 banners exhibiting the signs 'Energy Oslo'.

*****  Salvador contacts Fay (mobile phone ??) "You must find a way to get me into the building unnoticed!" - "I had (er!) a 'little misunderstanding' with the doorman!".

*****  Take the elevator down to the garage.

*****  Scrutinize the various facilities there.

*****  Return up using the elevator again.

*****  Go through the opening between the elevator and then 2 doors back to the reception room.

*****  The left exit further away from the stage leads to the electrician

*****   Fay goes there.

*****  Talk to the electrician and exhaust all dialog topics.

*****  Examine everything in the room including the 3 monitors, the electrician's car keys, the cupboard, and the VCR. Fay needs access to these items and hence has to get the electrician out of there!

*****  Before that however she asks him what is in the abovementioned cupboard, and he replies "The controls to the ventilation shaft partitions at the entrance".

*****  Return to the balcony (See above!).

*****  From inventory, bellow several slogans through the megaphone to the protesters below they mimic her 4 phrases as a repetitive chant.

*****  Leave them still shouting the mantra "No reactor in the rain forest! Stop the clear cutting!".

*****  Go back inside up into the reception hall. Then Fay goes right to the auditorium (conference hall) and through the right exit to the entrance hall (lobby).

Start to talk to the guard again. He removes his earplugs, hears the shouted slogans, and goes berserk!

*****  Return to the electrician (See above!).

*****  Talk to the electrician. He is worried about the increasing noise from the protesters and is concentrating on his monitors.

Whilst he's thus occupied, grab his car keys.

*****  Go down again to the garage (See above!).

*****  Try to open the rolling gate. Fay can't with her bare hands.

*****  Look at the lock at the right side of the rolling door.

*****  Look at the key ring in inventory Fay notes that "A number of different keys are on the key ring".

****  From the key ring in inventory, insert a key  into the lock ...

***** ... and the rolling gate opens revealing a snazzy looking (exhaust belching) vehicle the one that the electrician is in love with and all the time checking on his monitors!

*****  Fay muses"Let's see what happens if I use this lever".

*****  The car shoots out of the garage, smoke pours out of its engine, and "Oops! That must have been the self destruction mechanism!".

*****  Return to the electrician's room (See above!) understandably, he's not there now.

*****  Open the cupboard.

*****   Inside this cabinet are the controls for the ventilation shaft partitions at the entrance.

*****   Use these controls to open the partitions.

*****  Phone Salvador and inform him that the partitions are now open and (if necessary) make sure that they are remaining open.

*****  Fay gets to the elevator that leads down to the garage (See above!).

*****  There are 2 doors there:- the right hand one leads to a hygiene chamber (sic;- toilet!!!) and the other leads to a storage room.  Fay automatically enters the left hand door into the storage room. Salvador, who in the meantime has managed with Fay's help to get into the building, awaits her there.

*****  Salvador intends to have a direct talk with Dr. Braun. Since he is in the building 'illegally' he can't approach Dr. Braun.  So he orders Ray to get Dr. Braun to come to him instead !!

*****  There is a cupboard to the right of Salvador

*****  Open it.

*****  Look at the orange juice inside the cupboard

*****  and grab it.

*****  Look at the orange juice in inventory. Ugh! Fay admits "I don't know if there are small lumps or tiny animals swimming in there. And to be perfectly honest I don't really want to know either!". Exit the room

*****  Exit the storage room.

*****  Next to each of the doors (See above!) is a sign 'hygiene chamber' (i.e. toilet!!!) and 'storage room'.

*****  From inventory, use the screwdriver and remove both signs.

*****    From inventory, replace the two signs but in the wrong positions (e.g. hygiene chamber sign on the LEFT)!!

*****  Fay returns to the reception hall (See above!).

*****  From the table, take one of the glasses of wine cooler.

*****  In inventory, mix the wine cooler with the horrible orange juice, obtaining spoilt wine cooler.

*****  Fay remarks"Well, there's no way I would drink that". -  "It looks disgusting and smells even worse".

*****  From inventory, mix the wine cooler with the horrible orange juice, obtaining spoilt wine cooler.

*****  Fay remarks"Well, there's no way I would drink that". -  "It looks disgusting and smells even worse".

*****  From inventory, sprinkle some blend of spices on the canapés that Dr. Braun is greedily guzzling.

*****  Dr. Braun munches a doctored canapé and starts choking, so immediately hand him the glass of spoilt wine cooler from inventory. N.B. If you are not quick enough, repeat sprinkling the spices and following until he drinks the spoilt wine cooler.

*****  He dashes to the sign 'Hygiene room' and enters but of course it is NOT the toilet but the storage room!

*****  Salvador is waiting for Dr. Braun, clobbers him, takes his clothes and wears them.

*****  Salvador pretends to be Dr. Braun and delivers his own anti- nuclear plant speech as though he was the legitimate inspector of the International Energy Inspection Authority.

*****  Fay is automatically in the electrician's room.

*****  From inventory, she inserts the video tape (of the nuclear power plant explosion at the Brazilian rain forest) into the VCR which is inside the middle drawer.

*****  On the monitors, Fay watches Salvador deliver his anti-nuclear speech acting out as (a fraudulent) Dr. Braun followed by his exposure and arrest.

*****  Fay now goes to the auditorium (See above!) and looks at the stage. She muses "How can I save Salvador".

*****  She then goes to the REAL storage room (See above!).

*****  Open the door and enter the storage room.

*****  Examine Dr. Braun's suitcase and take his magnetic strip card   for the parking lot.

*****  Now Fay goes down to the garages.

*****  From inventory, insert the key card (magnetic strip card) into the card lock there.

*****  There follows a medium length cut scene:-






Bent has to disarm a bomb by swapping various yellow and red squares on its circuit board and thus altering the numbers at its top and left side (See below).





Call the top horizontal numbers, i.e. the columns, A thro' E from left to right, and the vertical left side numbers, i.e. the rows, 1 thro' 5 from top to bottom

Then the columns have to be changed from their present values of 4; 2; 3; 4; 3 and the rows from 3 ;4; 3; 4; 2.  Look carefully at the rows and columns which the saboteur has scratched (or etched) alongside the abovementioned numbers on the armed bomb. These are the final numbers to which Bent must change the live bomb in order to completely disarm it. These numbers are:- columns from left to right 0; 2; 3; 2; 0, and rows from top to bottom 3; 3; 1; 0; 0..

In order for you to do this, look at the 2 piles of clips to the left of the circuit board puzzle.  The upper ones are yellow and below are red ones. As the instruction sheet above them both shows, the reds count as "1"s whilst the yellows count as "0"s.. Each clip fits onto a pair of coloured squares connecting them both: The pair of squares must be adjacent, and either both in one column or both in one row.

After each red or yellow clip fits over the space between 2 coloured squares, they change the colours of one or both of the squares from red to yellow or vice versa, and automatically alter the row or column total. If you wish to remove ANY red or yellow clip from the circuit board, simply click on it (with NO coloured clips attached to the cursor you can remove one, if necessary, by right clicking).

     It is impossible to show the screencap at the very end of the puzzle since it immediately blacks out and continues to the next chapter which incidentally is the sign that you have fully  solved the puzzle, otherwise the circuit board remains on your monitor! So the screenshot below shows the puzzle exactly one step before its final conclusion. All that remains to be done is to drag one red clip onto the space between squares D1 & D2. (See the screencap below). This automatically changes the 1 in column D to 2, and simultaneously changes the 2 in row 2 to 3 as needed for the final conclusion of the puzzle.





There are probably other solutions and sequences and better methods, but the way I did it is quite short and simple as follows:-

Yellow clip onto the gap between A4 & A5

Yellow clip onto the gap between E1 & E2

Yellow clip onto the gap between B4 & C4

Yellow clip onto the gap between D3 & E3

Yellow clip onto the gap between D4 & D5

Yellow clip onto the gap between A1 & A2

**** Red clip onto the gap between B1 & B2

**** Red clip onto the gap between C1 & C2

**** Red clip onto the gap between D1 & D2





Fay and Bent are trapped after the bombs  ignite and the main installation explodes. The only way out is through a hatch (9) near the top right corner of the screen. "That is our destination"!

But they can't get there due to the electrical voltage that is blocking their way.  So the electric power switch (8) must first be turned off. It is a small blue box close to the hatch at the right hand top corner of the screen.

        The numbers in curly  brackets refer to the yellow numerals on the graphic.


*****  Fay climbs up to the junk {1} Bent helps her up.

*****  Open the drawers of the filing cabinet {2}.

*****  Clamber onto the filing cabinet.

***** Look at the red cable {3}"Torn electricity cables. I hope they're not live"!

*****  Swing up and to the right using the cables..

*****  View the heating pipe {4}.

*****  Fay wants to walk upwards along the heating pipe but can't because "..it's much too hot".

*****  There is a heater control {5} almost exactly below Fay which she must turn off Impossible... "I can't reach it", it's too far away.

*****  To the left and very close to the heater control there is a shelf {6} and on it a precariously balanced blue cabinet.  Fay says that "The cabinet is dangerously close to the edge".

*****  Look at the rod {7} nearby. It's "A long iron rod".

*****  Grab the rod and move it around. It knocks the cabinet down.

*****  Automatically, Bent climbs up the cabinet and stands next to the heater control.

*****  Turn the heater control off.

*****  Fay checks the heating pipe "It's cooling down".

*****  She walks along the pipe to the power switch {8} .

*****  Turn off the power switch which cuts off all the electricity

*****  It is now safe and Fay goes to the hatch {9}.

  That should be the escape route for Fay and Bent.

Unfortunately however the villainous Mr. Kellerman appears again and puts a vicious spoke in the wheels!!

See the cut scene.

Fay is now down below near to Duve, with Bent working on an escape plan up above.

*****  Talk to Duve and exhaust all dialog topics. He has broken his leg due to the fall, and Fay is determined to help him =- even against his stubborn will!

*****  Look at the "new rod" on the ground a little to the left of Fay.

*****  Pick up the rod.

*****  Examine Lisa's body lying on the ground a bit to the right of Duve.

*****  Remove Lisa's scarf.

*****  In inventory, combine the scarf and rod to make a track (i.e. a splint).

*****  Fay ties the track onto Duve's broken leg.

*****  Bent has created a mechanism for the 3 of them to escape. THEY ALL GET OUT JUST IN TIME before the Atlas Plant explodes.

They fly in the helicopter to Brazil!





There is a small amount of randomicity in this puzzle and so complete step by step instructions cannot be given. But the general solution is quite straightforward. Due to this you may have to repeat it say, a couple of times depending on your starting situation.


The guard is a card gambler. Bent needs to get him drunk so that he can steal his keys to the swamp boat.

The card game (gamble) could not be simpler and is weighted 3 times out of 4 in favour of the guard!! The guard picks a card from the pack and Bent has to guess which of the 4 suits it is clubs ( [c] and C ) , diamonds ( [d] and D ), hearts ( [h] and H ), or spades ( [s] and S ).

Every time the guard loses he takes a very large drink.  When he loses 3 times he is so sozzled that Bent can easily steal his swamp boat key.




*****  Go to the card players.

*****  Scrutinize the wall behind them. In particular examine the mirror, the red heart and the pink heart, the cross,  and the hole in the wall "I can see through it to the other side".

 See the following screencap.



*****  Bent goes to the shack behind the bar.

*****  There are 4 plugs, a hole, 2 screws and a crate of beer ignore the yellow underlined upper case letters at this stage!

See the screencap below.


*****  The plugs toggle the 4 'suits' behind the card players to light up or turn off alternately.  At any stage of this process, Bent can nip round to verify this and then return to the shack and continue

        Just as one example:- One 'use' (click) on H in the shack causes [h] behind the card players to light up another 'use' (click) on H in the shack causes [h] behind the card players to light up use (click) on H in the shack causes [h] behind the card players to turn off - and so on.

*****  If not already so, perform the above with HSD, and C until all 4 objects behind the players [h], [s], [d], and [c] are all lit up.

See the next screencap here!

*****  Finally, before starting the 'game' proper go again to the shack.

*****  From inventory use a coin on screw-1 "Sounds like something toppled over".

*****  Go again to the card players.

*****  Check that the pink heart has changed and looks like a mauve coloured spade.

*****  Return to the shack.

*****  From inventory use another coin on screw-2 "Something moved on the other side".

*****  *****  Check that the mirror has tilted and instead of a square  looks like a diamond.

                See below:-




*****  Bent goes to the shack.

*****  Look through the hole.

*****  See (or actually hear) the name of one of the 4 suits that the guard is holding.

*****  Use the plug that is appropriate for that suit.

N.B. The suit and its successors are randomly generated. But just as an example:- Suppose that the guard is holding spades, then simply click on the plug marked S and so on.

*****  Each time the guard loses he drinks a beer.

Continue until the guard has lost 3 times he will admit that he is drunk and can't continue. If Bent tries to use the hole further, he simply gets the mantra "The guard is drunk enough now"!

Incidentally Bent does not have to beat him 3 times IN SUCCESSION he can lose, even several times,  along the way! But as soon as the guard has drunk 3 beers "He's done in" completely despite his protestations that he can always hold his liquor!!


*****  If you haven't already done so, from the shack take some beer.

*****  Give the beer to the guard who puts it on the table next to where they are playing cards.

*****  Open the bottle. Bent asks the guard "Do you want me to open the beer for you?". The guard agrees "You can use the bottle opener on my key ring" - "But don't forget to put then back".

*****  Bent takes the guard's boat keys from the table

*****   and uses the bottle opener to open the beer bottle.

*****  Bent makes a switch and returns the car keys instead of the boat keys they look almost the same! He retains the boat keys!

*****  Go to Fay. Hear her transmission from Salvador Bad and even dangerous!!! Tell her that he's repaired the swamp boat and 'obtained' its keys.

*****  They both go to the guard at the swamp boat itself.

*****  Ask the guard nicely if they can use the boat to go to the plant. The guard replies that they can go there in caskets!?!

*****  From inventory, throw the snake onto the guard who is terrified and in panic falls into the water.








        This is a relatively long and fairly complex puzzle involving quite a number of steps!

There is a good deal of dialog during this puzzle primarily instructions from Salvador and statements from Fay: These have not been included below. This walkthrough only gives practical instructions of what exactly to DO! The aforementioned verbal statements etc. should help in solving all or part of the puzzle without the walkthrough, which is a good thing. So wherever these verbal exchanges occur you will simply be told to 'Listen to Fay's comments' or 'Hear Salvador's reports' etc.



It seems that Salvador has camped out for some time in a spot overlooking the Indez plant and compound. He has surveyed the whole extensive complex and has observed the points of possible entry without being caught by the many patrolling guards. He stayed in a tent overlooking the plant and used binoculars set up alongside it.

Apparently, Salvador has succeeded in arriving safely at Indez's office. Fay is now using his recorded observations and knowledge to follow hm. In order to do this, she has to adjust his specialized binoculars so that they are constantly focused correctly and accurately on each of the different vital locations!


Puzzle gameplay


      STAGE 1.

*****  Search the tent Empty! "Salvador must have spent days here.".

*****  View the whole panorama of the Indez plant, (See the following screencap).


*****  Use the binoculars. Fay remarks that you have to adjust the focus and select the area you are interested in.

The field of vision has a matrix of squares superimposed on it consisting of 11 rows from bottom to top and 16 columns from left to right.

*****  Although the whole plant is very heavily guarded, Salvador reports "I'll get in there somehow"!


     STAGE 2 .

*****  Try experimenting to understand the 'controls'. Highlight different squares on the matrix: Examine the number on the counter: Use the up and down-arrows, etc. (Nothing of great significance results as yet!).

*****  Highlight the matrix-square 'Row 3, column 4'. (See screencap below).

*****  Adjust the counter to read 14|95| (See next screencap). N.B. Each of the 4 digits (from 0 thro' 9) individually  is incremented by 1 with each single click on it.



*****  Click on the up-arrow (on the right side of your monitor) to zoom in.

        Fay says that she will follow Salvador's speaker-instructions and use the up/down-arrows to zoom in/out in order to inspect the plant!


     STAGE 3 .

*****  Fay examines the results - See screencap below.



*****  Look at the speaker button it's vibrating.  This means that Salvador has left a verbal report.

*****  Press the speaker button and listen to Salvador's remarks.

*****  Click on BOTH of the light blue squares which have been automatically marked on the close-up, and listen to Fay's comments. N.B. For recognition if necessary you can highlight these squares by pressing on the spacebar,

*****  From the abovementioned 3 statements, deduce that the next place to investigate will be the top of the watchtower.

*****  Examine the numbers which have automatically appeared near the top left corner of your monitor.

        The top number, 14.95, is the counter reading in use at present. The number beneath it, 35.91, is the counter reading to be used in the next stage of the puzzle.

*****  Click on the down-arrow (at the right side of your monitor) to zoom-out.


     STAGE 4 .

*****  Change the counter number to its new value of 35|91|.

*****  Highlight the matrix-square 'row 11, column 3'.

*****  Click on the up-arrow to zoom in.


     STAGE 5 .

*****  Note the large close-up of the watchtower in the background.

*****  Click on the vibrating speaker button and listen to Salvador's report,

 *****  Click on the 3 light blue squares which have been automatically marked on the close-up, and listen to Fay's comments. N.B. For recognition if necessary you can highlight these squares by pressing on the spacebar.

*****  From the abovementioned 4 statements, it seems that there are patrolling guards who must be avoided at all costs, etc.

*****  Examine the numbers which have automatically appeared near to the top left corner of your monitor.

        The top number, 35.91, is the counter reading in use at present. The number beneath it, 28.97, is the counter reading to be used in the next stage of the puzzle.

*****  Click on the down-arrow (at the right side of your monitor) to zoom-out.


     STAGE 6 .

*****  Change the counter number to its new value of 28.97|.

*****  Highlight the matrix-square 'row 6, column 12'.

*****  Click on the up-arrow to zoom in.


     STAGE 7 .

*****  Note that the background has changed.

*****  Click on the vibrating speaker button and listen to Salvador's report,

 *****  Click on the 2 light blue squares which have been automatically marked on the close-up, and listen to Fay's comments. N.B. For recognition if necessary you can highlight these squares by pressing on the spacebar.

*****  From the abovementioned 3 statements, apparently Indez and his assistant arrived in 2 separate boats.

*****  Examine the numbers which have automatically appeared near to the top left corner of your monitor.

        The top number, 28.97, is the counter reading in use at present. The number beneath it, 11.52, is the counter reading to be used in the next stage of the puzzle.

*****  Click on the down-arrow (at the right side of your monitor) to zoom-out.


     STAGE 8 .

*****  Change the counter number to its new value of 11.52|.

*****  Highlight the matrix-square 'row 9, column 9'.

*****  Click on the up-arrow to zoom in.


     STAGE 9 .

*****  Note that the background has changed yet again.

*****  Click on the vibrating speaker button and listen to Salvador's report,

 *****  Click on the 3 light blue squares which have been automatically marked on the close-up, and listen to Fay's comments. N.B. For recognition if necessary you can highlight these squares by pressing on the spacebar.

*****  From the abovementioned 3 statements, Salvador has succeeded and has found a back entrance.  Fay is excited and informs Bent who wants to know how to get in. Fay replies "I'm working on it"!

*****  Examine the numbers which have automatically appeared near to the top left corner of your monitor.

        The top number, 11.52, is the counter reading in use at present. The number beneath it, ABCD, is the counter reading to be used in the next stage of the puzzle.

*****  Hey wait a minute!  ABCD is not a number It must be a code for some 4 digit numerical vale!

*****  To crack the code;-

        Remember the previous 4 counter numbers in order [1st] 14.95; [2nd] 35.91; [3rd] 29.97; and [4th] 11,52.

*****  Sp So take one digit only IN ORDER from each of these preceding values.

*****  If this is not clear:-

        1st digit of 14.95  = 1.

        2nd digit of 35.91 = 5.

        3rd digit of 29.97  = 9.

        4th digit of 11,52  = 2

*****  And so the next number to insert into the counter must be 15.92..

*****  Click on the down-arrow (at the right side of your monitor) to zoom-out


     STAGE 10 .

*****  Change the counter number to its new value of 15.92|

*****  Highlight the matrix-square 'row 2, column 11.'

*****  Click on the up-arrow to zoom in.


     STAGE 11 .

*****  EUREKA !!!

*****  See Salvador just entering the back door to Indez's office. It is a bit to the left of 3 very wide pipes  each gushing huge quantities of water.

*****  Fay shouts to Bent "I've found the entrance to Indez's office the location of the canister of algae





Fay and Bent are standing in front of the maintenance door back entrance to the small building in Indez's plant.  There are large pipes to the right of this door.

    They need to infiltrate into this building in order to proceed to regain the precious algae which he has stolen.


*****  Observe the maintenance door and the large pipes to the right of it.

*****  Fay opens the  maintenance door NOT!...  "That doesn't work. Salvador barricaded it"!

*****  View the 3 large pipes to the right of the door, gushing large quantities of water(???) and the single pipe above,which appears to be dry.

*****  Fay climbs through the one dry pipe. Bent won't follow he's too old for that. He will wait outside. Fay declares " I'm going to look for a way to open the door from the other side, then. See you"!

*****  Once inside, you see 3 very large water towers, with Fay (very small in comparison)  on the top floor of the left water tower just after she emerges from the pipe (near the top left corner of your monitor).

*****  Press the spacebar and become acquainted with the most important features of the 3 water towers. (See below).



***** Note that the right and left water towers have water in them:- The left water tower has the bottom and middle floors filled with water. The right tower has the bottom floor only filled with water. The middle water tower is completely dry.

*****  Look at the door in the top level of the left water tower

*****  and enter it. It is a control room.

*****  Examine the console "I wonder what this is supposed to be, and what do all these lights mean?".

        It would appear that the red and blue lights are status indicators of some of the states of some of the aspects of some of the towers.

*****  Turn the valve twice to the right if you happen to turn it a 3rd time, no-go! "I can't turn it any further". *****  Return via the control room door to the top floor of the left water tower.

*****  Notice that water has drained completely from the left water tower and flowed into the right water tower.

        The result is that the left (and middle) water towers are now completely empty, whilst the right water tower is completely full of water.

*****  Fay enters the pipe at the left side of the top floor of the left water tower and arrives  back outside again.

*****  Look at the left pipe of the 3 lower pipes which ALL previously had water gushing from them

***** It is now dry... "I can climb through now" says Fay.

*****  She enters that left-bottom dry pipe and finishes up on the 2nd floor of the left water tower (which is now dry of course).

****  Climb down the ladder to the 1st (bottom) floor of the left water tower.

*****  Open the bulkhead there.

*****  Examine the floating bridge. Fay remarks "Holding/Floating elements are attached to the bridge. That way the bridge will float if it is not docked or something!".

*****  Move the lever for the bridge to release the floating bridge.  Fay confirms that "The bridge undocked from the platform", i.e. it is completely released and free.

        N.B. In case this extremely important fact is not clear?! There are TWO of these levers for the bridge, both on the left side of the middle water tower. As mentioned just above, the bottom one RELEASES the floating bridge from the bottom of the middle water tower. The top one CLAMPS IT firmly in position at the top of the middle water tower and hence can only operate after the previous one and when the bridge has been raised to the top floor of the middle water tower!

*****  Exit the abovementioned bulkhead and ensure that it is left OPEN.

*****  Climb up, back to the 2nd floor using the ladder again.

*****  Exit the pipe on the left and arrive back outside.

*****  Fay enters the single upper (dry) pipe (as she did at the beginning of this puzzle).

*****  She is now back again at the top (3rd) floor of the left water tower.

*****  Again enter the control room.

*****  Turn the valve twice to the left Don't turn it a 3rd time - if you do, Fay cannot exit the control room, and is imprisoned there. In that case, turn the valve once to the right, and return to the correct situation.

*****  Exit from the control room back to the top floor of the left water tower.

*****  The result of this (See below) is that both the left and middle water towers are filled with water up to and including their 2nd floors. The right water tower has its 1st floor only filled with water.

        The important objective of the above is to lift up the floating bridge, which Fay previously completely released from its platform (As seen below).



*****  Open bulkhead A

*****  Examine the floating bridge as previously.

*****  Move the other lever for the bridge to dock (completely secure) the floating bridge as described previously. Fay remarks "The bridge is docked to the platform"!

The floating bridge is now accessible from the top floor of the left water tower.

***** Yet again return to the top floor of the left water tower,

*****  Once again enter the control room.

*****  Turn the valve twice to the right.

*****  Exit from the control room back to the top floor of the left water tower.

        The left and middle water towers are now empty. The right hand water tower is full of water.

*****  Fay enters the pipe on the left and is, this time,  DIRECTLY (i.e. instantly and automatically, without going outside and back!) transported to the 2nd floor of the left water tower.


*****  From there, she again uses the ladder as previously to descend to the bottom floor of the left water tower.

*****  Close the lower bulkhead in the left water tower.

*****  Just as immediately previously but in reverse,  Fay returns back up to the top floor of the left water tower (i.e. instantly and automatically, without going outside and back!).

*****  Once again enter the control room.

*****  Turn the valve twice to the left.

*****  Exit from the control room back to the top floor of the left water tower.

        The left water tower is now full. The middle water tower is completely empty and the right water tower is filled with water only up to its 1st floor.

***** Enter bulkhead A (if it's closed, then obviously open it first).

*****  Cross the now (non-)floating bridge.

*****  Open bulkhead

***** and enter it.

*****  Now having reached the top floor of the right hand water tower, Fay walks a little to the right.

*****  Climb down the ladder to the 2nd (middle) floor which is now  obviously free of water!

*****  Walk a few steps to the left.

 *****  Open the bulkhead

*****  and enter into the (dry) 2nd floor of the middle water tower.

*****  After another couple of steps to the left, open the next bulkhead to the main valve.

*****  Turn the valve which completely drains all 3 water towers and empties the water from all of them.

Fay exults "I did it!".

        In particular, the bottom floor of the right hand water tower is now free of water.

*****  Open the bulkhead again.

*****  Exit the valve-compartment.

*****  Return to the right.

*****  Climb down the ladder.

*****  Walk to the right

*****  and down the ladder.

*****  Open the door to the outside

*****  and exit.

*****  The entrance door is now wide open. All 4 pipes are dry. Bent is amazed !

*****  A long cut scene ensues followed by the final acts of the drama and the whole game.





         This is the last of the "Giant-Puzzles".  It is not however quite the end of the game, although close to it!  There is a pretty short final sequence which contains no extended puzzles but simply the ordinary sort of Quest/Adventure procedures (inventory acquisitions  & usages, fairly straightforward actions, etc., etc.) which have occurred all the way through the whole of this game, as through other adventure games. Hence they and the end actions are not included here.

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