Alpha Polaris
Alpha Polaris
Survive the horrors in and around the American oil research station with this walkthrough!
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The Story:

(From the press release)

In the midst of the snowfields of Greenland lies Alpha Polaris, an American oil research station. High above, the ion storm of the century is gathering, bringing about a strange intermixing of reality and night terrors. It is up to Rune Knudsen, a Norwegian biologist, to take on a desperate struggle against fear and death, and to face the primordial force lurking beyond the veiled sky.

The Cast:

  • Rune Knudsen A Norweigian biologist studying climate change.
  • Nova Anawak A Canadian Inuit and bone expert.
  • Alistear Euler The bosss obnoxious son.
  • Al Schaumann The old-timer who has seen it all.
  • Ted Tully Crean The stations jack-of-all trades.



  • Left click to use an object.
  • Right click for a description of an object.
  • Double click to exit a room or area quickly.
  • Items in inventory can be combined.
  • The notebook in your inventory contains the answer to numerous puzzles.
  • To read notes not in your notebook, left click on them in your inventory.
  • Press the space bar to highlight all interactive objects in a room.



Day One:

Rune reluctantly wakes up to the sound of Tully ranting about a crazed polar bear outside the research station. Exit Runes bedroom and follow the corridor to the living room to meet Nova. After exhausting the dialogue tree, exit the living room and go left to the garage and then left again to the lobby. Add the following items from the Lobby to your inventory: tranquilizer rifle, packaging tape, rope and EGPE flag. Enter the lab to the left and take the sedative gear. Return to the lobby and exit the door to go outside (dont worry, the game will automatically clothe Rune in the proper winter attire).

Climb the ladder to the left of the door to the roof. In your inventory combine the sedative darts with the rifle and then use the rifle on the bear. After the cut-scene, use the oximeter on the bears mouth. Remove the sedative dart from the bear and then place the tracking collar around her neck. Examine the bears mouth to discover she has an infected tooth.

Talk to Tully for a suggestion on how to drag the bears body into the cage. Type snowmobile and then after the cut-scene take the ratchet strap from the back of the snowmobile. Open the door to the cage. Use the ratchet strap on the bear and then click the rope on the bear, the sturdy pillar inside the cage and the snowmobile. Once the bear is in the cage, return to the laboratory and take the antibiotics from the medical locker. Tully will enter the lab, talk to him about his discovery.

Examine the hide on the table, it is covered with Cartouche symbols. Take the bones from the table and then open the fume hood in the back of the room. Take the container from inside the fume hood and place it on the right side of the table. Place the bones in the container and then pour distilled water and acetic acid into the container with the bones. Take the container and return it to the fume hood so it can soak overnight and dissolve the calcite.

Exit to the garage and use the table saw to cut the EGPE flagpole. In your inventory use the reversal syringe on the antibiotics and then use the antibiotic syringe on the pole. Use the packaging tape to attach the syringe to the pole and then exit outside to the bear cage. Use the pole syringe to inject the bear with antibiotics. Return to Runes room and prepare for bed.

Day One: Night

Rune is awakened by garbled radio static. Leave Runes room and go to the living room and try to use the radio. Tully stumbles into the room, he is sleepwalking and seems to be very frightened. Talk to Tully and then go to the laboratory to find Al who provides an explanation for the static. Return to Runes room to go back to sleep.

Day Two:

Take the verte absinthe from the floor (well need it later) and then exit the station. Keep walking right until you reach the bears cage. The bear has escaped from the cage and left a bloody trail. Rune needs to take the snowmobile and search for the wounded bear, but first he must examine the bones in the fume hood. Return to the laboratory.

Take the container out of the fume hood and Rune will place the bones on the table. Click on the bones for a close-up view and then use the multi-tool to remove the calcinations from the femur. There are symbols on the femur that represent dancing and feasting. Examine the deep cut at the bottom of the bone, it looks as though the marrow has been extracted. As this is Novas expertise, go to the kitchen to speak with her.

Go through the entire dialogue tree with Nova. After you ask her about the bones she will give Rune an article on Anthropophagy. Read the article in your notebook and then return to the laboratory. Examine the hide and the three Cartouche symbols. For symbol one type east, for symbol two type island and for symbol three type tribe.

Go to Runes room and take his laptop and the triangulation device. Combine these two items in your inventory. Go to the lobby, take the TACS 12 shotgun and then go outside to the bears cage. Stand between syringe pole and the cage, facing forward. Right click on your multi-tool in your inventory to get a compass reading (mine was 258). Open the laptop and double-click on the triangulator app. Enter the collar ID (found in your notebook) in the first box ALO339 and then your compass reading in the second box. Click on the Plot 1 button and then close the laptop. Now have Rune walk forward to the front of the screen, it is anywhere from 18-20 steps depending on how far back he begins. Open the laptop and double-click on the triangulator app again and click on the Plot 2 button. Rune should now have a position on the bear. Walk west to the snowmobile. Click on the snowmobile and after the cut-scene of the confrontation with the bear, its bloody tracking collar will be added to your inventory. After a short conversation with Tully, enter the station and go into the laboratory and talk with Al who will give you the recipe for Bombe Alaska.

How to make Bombe Alaska (and win over Novas heart): Go down to the basement and add the following items to your inventory: maple syrup, sponge cake, meringue powder and the extinguisher on the wall. Now go to the kitchen. Take the sugar from the table and the cream from the refrigerator. Use the maple syrup on the bowl on the table. Next use the caster sugar and the cream on the bowl. Finally, use the extinguisher and then the sponge cake on the bowl. Click on the bowl and flip it over. Use the meringue powder on the water tap and then use the mixed meringue on the plate. Pour the verte absinthe on the plate and then use the lighter to ignite the dish. Select Its ready to enjoy a romantic meal for two.

After the cut-scene, click the bears bloody tracking collar on Runes laptop. Double click the ProxyTrack app on the computer. From the Map menu select East Ketek Plateau. From the Import menu select USB ALO339. From the Datapoints menu click each point on the map until Rune makes a remark about the missing bear. Leave the computer screen and return to the laboratory. Click on the glacier map on the back wall and examine Schaumann 3. Return to Runes room for a good night's rest.

Day Two: Night

Go into the corridor and speak with Nova. Go to the lobby, take the tranquilizer gun and go outside. Watch the cut-scene.

Day Three:

Go to the kitchen for a conversation with the rest of the staff. You need to find that article and redeem yourself. Find Tully in the garage and talk to him until he gives you a blank skeleton key. Go to the corridor and study the keys on the bulletin board. Use the utility knife to remove all of the pins from the key except for pin 5. Now use the key to unlock and open Novas door. Examine the locked trunk by the foot of the bed. Enter Novas birth date 0209 and then click on the lock to open the trunk. Take the article from the trunk and read it in your notebook. Take the crampons from Runes room and then go to the Lobby. Take the oil probe, rope and rifle and then go to the garage. Click on the 6x6 Arctic truck for a cut-scene.

Use the crampons on Rune and then use the oil probe on the trucks winch. Now click the rope on both Rune and the oil probe and then use the remote so that Rune can descend to the cave. Once at the edge of the cave, use the winch remote twice and it will lower and then rise with oil in its container. Use the utility knife on the probe to add the oil to your inventory. Enter the cave to your right and use the oil and then the lighter on the cup on the ground. Continue to your right and use the same procedure for the second and third cup. The room with the third cup will have a giant etching on the wall. Return to the second room and click on the mural. There are four symbols on the mural that must be transcribed using your notebook. From the bottom up enter: shaman, throne, boreas and wendigo.

Day Four:

Rune finds himself in the laboratory. Go to the kitchen for a heated conversation and then return to the laboratory to speak with Nova. Take the hide and bones from the table and then the gasoline can from the garage. Go outside and toss them in the ash barrel to the left. Use your lighter on the barrel. Hmmmluckily Alistear appears to offer some advice on how to burn dem bones.

Go to the basement and use your utility knife to loosen and take the sacrificial anode. Next, take the frying pan from the kitchen. Now go to the garage. Use your utility knife on the barrel to the left to obtain some rust. Now use both the sacrificial anode and the frying pan on the grinding machine on the right wall of the garage. Use the broom to sweep up the aluminum and magnesium dust from the floor. You should now have rust, aluminum and magnesium in your inventory. Return to the barrel outside and put all three in the barrel. Now fire that baby up with your lighter and watch as it melts into molten plastic.

While youre still outside, go left until you find Tullys bloody corpse. After the cut-scene, go to Als room in the corridor and use the skeleton key to open his door. Search his room until you find the crumpled note on his desk. From your inventory read the note and then talk to Alistear who is in the living room. Return to Runes room for the night only to be approached by Nova. Should you stay or should you leave? If youre in the mood for a hot, sexy love scene, then choose to stay.

Day Four: Night:

Rune needs to restore heat to the station before he and Nova freeze to death (seems like they werent having any problem staying warm!). Go outside and then right to the generator cabinet. First, open the fuel control valve that is to the right of the generator cabinet. Then open the cabinet. To restore heat, do the following in order: pull lever down, click on the choke, click on the starter, click on the choke again (do this quickly before the starter goes off) and then push the lever back up. You will know you are successful when the meter readings click back on. A cut-scene follows.

Alistear is waiting for Rune and unsuccessfully attempts to kill him with his revolver. Failing that, he runs into the compound and locks out Rune. Travel right to the bear cage and take the pole syringe to the left of the cage. Click on the pole syringe in your inventory to disassemble it into a wooden pole and an empty syringe. Return to the generator cabinet and use the syringe on the antifreeze pipe to the right to fill the syringe with antifreeze. Continue to the left and take the crampons next to the snowmobile and then use the crampons on Rune. Return to the Research Stations locked door and climb the ladder to the left of the door to reach the roof.

Once on the roof, climb the icy portion to your left and then use the antifreeze syringe on the frozen hatch. Open the hatch and drop down into the garage. Click on the tools rack to get a wrench and then click on the ladder to the right and Rune will hide behind the stored wares. Click the wrench on the garage window to attract Alistear who is in for a surprise when he comes looking for Rune.

Pick-up Alistears revolver and go left to the laboratory. Take the crumpled note on the floor its next to the missing fuse and then open your inventory to read. The bottom two symbols of the note must be solved. Type heart for Symbol I and crevasse for Symbol II. Next click on the text Where is Nova? that appears on the note and then type waterwell. Exit to the basement. Click on the meat hook and then use the meat hook to lift the pump lid. Open the hatch and go down for the final confrontation.

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