Umeshu Lovers Releases a Bona Fide Forest of Liars Announcement Trailer
Umeshu Lovers Releases a Bona Fide Forest of Liars Announcement Trailer
The French studio, based in Toulous, is crafting an adventure in which players will explore an exquisite woodland full of mystery and danger
Posted: 04/22/18 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Umeshu Lovers Studio | Publisher: Umeshu Lovers Studio | Platform: Mac, Windows, Other

Information about Forest of Liars is a little sparse at the moment, but here is what we know. The game is a narrative-driven adventure in which you will enter a forest where many challenges await, and encounter a variety of characters who will either help or hinder your progress. No two playthroughs will be the same.

According to legend, incredible mysteries reside in the heart of the forest. The reason for your excursion into this woodland is currently unclear. What's known is that once entering, no one has ever returned.

I'm sure more will be revealed as time passes. Forest of Liars is still in early development

The game's animation reflects a combination of American and Japanese influences. If the trailer and concept art are any indication, Forest of Liars will be a gorgeous game.

Project creator and artistic director Sylvain Sarrailh is fashioning a splendiferous gameworld. You can see more of his artwork here.

Rounding out the development team are CloZee (aka Chloe Herry - Music); Arnaud Mollé (Designer, Developer, Programmer); and  Jean Bultingaire (3D Artist, Animator).

The plan is to release Forest of Liars on Windows, Mac and consoles. A release date is TBD. Stay tuned!

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