Find Your Lost Memories on March 29th
Find Your Lost Memories on March 29th
The Truth is Out There if you are willing to face it in DarkPath Studio’s upcoming 3D mystery adventure
Posted: 03/26/18 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: DarkPath Studio | Publisher: DarkPath Studio | Platform: Windows

DarkPath Studio is a team of one that is focused on making great games. Miguel Angel Alosete states that he is “one of those hundreds of thousands of independent developers trying to make their way in this complicated industry.” Nowhere: Lost Memories was originally available in late 2016 for iOS. Since then, DarkPath has been preparing for a Windows release and plans to deliver on on March 29th.

The game is a mystery adventure played from a first-person view. With an environment presented in full 3D, Nowhere: Lost Memories promises to be an “immersive game about exploration and discovery.” The story begins with a familiar scenario -– you awake alone in a strange place with no idea of where you are or what's happened. As you move through this foreign landscape, you will look for clues and solve puzzles. Your ultimate quest is to uncover the truth.

Your journey reveals that there are dark forces present and someone (or something) has been here before you. The story unfolds through the objects, messages, and images that you find along the way. DarkPath Studio challenges you to “use your wits and intuition, paying attention to every detail” in order to complete the quest.

The game's estimated release date is March 29, 2018. For more information on DarkPath Studio, visit Miguel’s website.

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