Set Sail for Solo on April 26th
Set Sail for Solo on April 26th
Find inner peace while reflecting on love and relationships in an island setting
Posted: 03/14/18 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Team Gotham | Publisher: Team Gotham | Platform: Windows

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Solo Shows Up on Fig and Greenlight - January 19, 2017 

Team Gotham is a Madrid-based development team. The group was founded in 2011 by five friends who had connected while at university. They have remained busy “crafting detailed experiences to express themselves through the game media.” In March of 2016, they released their first game, The Guest. It was an exploratory escape puzzler that was fairly well received, as evidenced by Steam reviews.


In early 2017, they launched a Fig campaign and raised almost $70,000 to fund the completion of Solo. It is due out at the end of April and represents a significant departure from their previous game. With a focus on love and relationships, the game environment is a surreal island landscape with interactive puzzles and player activities such as feeding the animals, playing the guitar, and taking pictures.

As part of the Solo development process, Team Gotham collaborated with narrative designer Jordi de Paco. Mr. de Paco served as the creative director for The Red Strings Club and Gods Will Be Watching.

In the words of creative director Juan De La Torre, “Solo offers players a safe space they can comfortably wrap themselves in while providing the option to reflect on love’s place in their life.” He adds that “The welcoming world, metaphoric story, creative puzzle solving mechanics and other small details bring the kindness of the isles to life so the player is free to think about what matters most.”

Additional information about Team Gotham can be found on their web site. Solo is currently available on Steam as a game to add to your wish list.

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