Headspun Will Leave Your Head Spinning Later This Year
Headspun Will Leave Your Head Spinning Later This Year
Feeling confused? Sometimes you need to listen to the voices in your head…
Posted: 03/13/18 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Superstring | Publisher: Superstring | Platform: Mac, Windows

Superstring is a new U.K. based micro studio that is developing games with the intent of “weaving stories you’ll remember long after putting the controller down.” To this end, they are working on Headspun – a FMV/graphic hybrid adventure that takes place in Cortex, the world of the human brain.

Theo Kavinsky wakes up from a five week coma and discovers that his mind is not what it used to be. He taps into Ted and Teddy (the subconscious voices in his head) for help. They work together towards the goal of restoring Theo’s memory and putting his life back in order.

The FMV side of the project includes live action scenes filmed earlier this year by Pinyata Film. Footage from a hospice in Surrey, U.K. will be combined with animated graphics to create a unique story-driven adventure. The game experience will be complemented by an original “synthwave” sound track by Soho Loop, under the leadership of Stephen Willey.

Headspun can be wish-listed on Steam and is due out later this year. For more information, visit the Superstring website.

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