Don't Be Late for Tardy!
Don't Be Late for Tardy!
If you're up for a story about war, emotions, love, ineptitude and passion for old computer devices, you've come to the right place
Posted: 03/07/18 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: One Wing Cicada | Platform: Windows

Meet Ramto. He's always dreamt of traveling to outer space, and he's finally done it. But he has a big problem.

He awakens on the spaceship only to discover that the rest of the crew has disappeared. And if that's not bad enough, Ramto has no specific skills. In fact, as described by the developer, he's a bonehead and a dolt.

So why is he even on board? Well, he's a stowaway. See? Bonehead. Dolt.

As Ramto, you must learn to operate complex mechanisms; discover how, exactly, the spaceship works; determine what happened to everyone else and, above all, get home. In essence, you'll have to become an astronaut, pioneer and inventor.

And oh,'ll have to discover the expedition's horrible truth. Piece of cake, right?

You'll have plenty of riddles to solve as you interact with your surroundings. You'll push buttons, flip switches, pull levers, discover secret panels and more.

Tardy requires you to think. But don't let that scare you away. Thinking can be fun.  Further, One Wing Cicada assures us that Tardy will involve no pixel-hunting or anything else that's annoying.

So, will the Dolt be able to save the day? You can find out starting tomorrow, March 8th, as Tardy is released for Windows on Steam.

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