More About Anamorphine
More About Anamorphine
Developer Artifact 5 addresses release date change, gives us a little more info, and even sends us a valentine
Posted: 02/15/18 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Artifact 5 | Publisher: Artifact 5 | Platform: Vr, Other, Playstation 4, Windows

Content Advisory: Although the game features no combat or violence it does explore themes of mental health, depression, and loss.

More info:
Anamorphine: Surreal Introspection Through Mental Illness - December 10, 2017

Having been a bit overzealous in announcing a January 16th launch date for Anamorphine, the "morbid weirdos" (their words!) at Artifact 5 have learned not to announce a release date unless they're 100% sure they'll be able to meet it.

They've also learned "how tough console ports can be." So...the new release date is now "soon." They had really wanted to release the game on Valentine's Day, but the production schedule didn't cooperate. They did, however, send us a valentine...


Anamorphine is a somewhat unusual game. It has no dialog, text, UI, voiceover or action. It takes place in a surreal environment that reflects the inner feelings of the protgonist (the player).

You become Tyler. Your wife, Elena, a talented cellist, has been in an accident and is now in a coma. This has left her unable to continue a promising career.

You feel guilty about not being able to help Elena. You slip into post-taumatic denial in which you mentally revisit miletones of your relationship with her. You must confront the past or it will consume you.

I've located an older trailer that provides a taste of the unsettling images you'll encounter in Anamorphine. I'll never look at Pandas the same way again...

The game supports VR and will be released on Windows, PS4/Pro, PSVR, PC, Vive, and Oculus Rift at a date TBD; an Xbox version is to follow. Stay tuned...

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