TheNightfall to See Light-of-Day January 12, 2018
TheNightfall to See Light-of-Day January 12, 2018
An "atmospheric horror experience" from German developer VIS-Games
Posted: 01/03/18 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: VIS-Games | Publisher: SilentFuture | Platform: Mac, Windows

And for those who want to get really technical...

According to VIS-Games (Pineview Drive, Obscuritas) and SilentFuture, TheNightfall is "an enthralling psycho horror spectacle of a very special kind!"

You become Victoria, a young woman who is moving to a new town with her family in order to start a new job. She arrives a day earlier than her husband and children, intending to spend her first night in their new home alone.

At first, Victoria feels uneasy and is unable to sleep. But as the night wears on, it becomes a nightmare.

Played in first-person, TheNightfall features psychological horror. As you explore your surroundings, the game's atmosphere becomes increasingly oppressive. You'll be set on-edge within breathtaking sound effects, realistic graphics, eerie light and shadow effects, and an OST by Düsseldorf, Germany-based indie band Northpolyptica. This is not a game for the weak-of-nerve.

Will you be able to survive until dawn?

TheNightfall will be released Jaunary 12, 2018 for Windows on Steam. A Mac version will immediately follow.

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