BIOMUTANT To Metamorphose Into Released Status in 2018
BIOMUTANT To Metamorphose Into Released Status in 2018
Here we have an open-word, post-apocalyptic Kung-Fu fable RPG
Posted: 12/29/17 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Experiment 101 | Publisher: THQ Nordic | Platform: Windows, Playstation 4, Xbox one

The End is coming to the New World. The land is being ruined and the Tree-of-Life is bleeding death from its roots. The Tribes stand divided, in need of someone strong enough to unite them or bring them all down...

Find yourself in an imaginative post-apocalyptic universe that features fantastic creatures and dangerous factions. Create your own adventure as you explore the game's open world as well as what lies beneath its surface.

Experience a unique martial arts-style combat system that will allow you to mix melee, shooting and mutant ability action. You’ll be able to re-code your genetic structure to change the way you look and play.

Although you'll be guided by a Storyteller, your actions and choices will dictate the direction and end of the narrative. Will you be a hero or lead the world to a darker destiny?

BIOMUTANT is being developed by Experiment 101 for PS4, Xbox One and Windows, and will be published by THQ Nordic. The game will be released in 2018, exact date TBD.

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