I fell from Grace to Drops Into Released Status December 20th on Windows
I fell from Grace to Drops Into Released Status December 20th on Windows
Play a retro-style, side-scrolling, pixel-graphic rhyming adventure that blends storytelling and puzzle-solving
Posted: 12/18/17 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Deep Taiga | Publisher: Deep Taiga | Platform: Windows

Yes, I fell from Grace is presented in rhymes, and every dialog is a poem. Here is a poetic summary of the narrative from Developer Deep Taiga (which is actually a "one-man army" named Patrik):

Your name is Henry, mid-forties your rough age.
Swept up in crippling debt, you’re stuck in a cage.

Your career is not where it ought to be right now.
Others get promoted, but you “lack the know-how.”

But keep up a brave face, at least for your dying wife,
when she is gone what will be left of worth in your life?

Then one day the miracle, out of nowhere the promise of a cure.

You’ll get your life back, along with a promotion, that’s for sure!

And while we're at it, here's how Patrik came to be here:

Patrik has always loved poetry. He's written some poems back in the day, but he finally decided he wanted more. He wrote a short story which became a video game. That's how Deep Taiga was born, and with it, its first game - I fell from Grace!

Set against a backdrop of perpetual autumn rain, I fell from Grace takes place in present-day Maine. Protagonist Henry is struggling with a career in medical science while caring for his terminally ill wife. It's not exactly an uplifting existence.

Then, out of the blue, a mystery cure is dropped into Henry's lap. Unfortunately, things turn sinister when he tries to discover its source.

The choices Henry makes will determine the direction of the narrative. And according to Patrik/Deep Taiga: Once the story unfolds, you will not want to stop playing!

Look for I fell from Grace this coming Wednesday, December 20th on Steam (Windows). Now go practice your rhyming skills.

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