My Eyes on You Looks at First Gameplay Trailer
My Eyes on You Looks at First Gameplay Trailer
Visit an alternate version of Chicago in the 1980s in this neon-noir 3D mystery action/adventure from Storymind Entertainment
Posted: 12/16/17 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Storymind Entertainment | Publisher: Storymind Entertainment | Platform: Windows, Playstation 4, Xbox one

More info:
My Eyes on You is Announced - September 2, 2017 

You are FBI agent Jordan Adalien. You've been framed. Uncovering the truth is the only way to clear your name.

It's the '80s. The Man in the Crimson Mask and his gang of thugs are spilling blood all over a neon-noir version of Chicago -- a city with a carnival culture. You must hunt them down.

The clues you find and choose to follow will affect the directon of the narrative, resulting in either a mystical or more grounded atmosphere. You're also hampered by stress-induced anxiety that can produce hallicinations. This could make your investigation a little tricky. You sure wouldn't want to follow hallucinated clues.

My Eyes on You is Storymind's debut title. It will be released on Windows, PS4 and Xbox One at a date TBD.


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