Wadjet Eye Spies Unavowed in Your Future
Wadjet Eye Spies Unavowed in Your Future
This urban fantasy adventure for Windows will be released in 2018; watch the game's first trailer right here
Posted: 12/08/17 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Wadjet Eye Games | Publisher: Wadjet Eye Games | Platform: Windows

Evil has plagued New York City for centuries, and a supernatural squad known as the Unavowed has been keeping it in check for centuries. But now, something has changed, and the squad's methods are no longer working. New blood is needed -- and that's where you come in.

Once possessed by a demon and forced to be part of the problem, you now have a chance at salvation. Join the ranks of the Unavowed and fight against the forces of darkness.

Wadjet Eye Games (developer, Blackwell Series; publisher, Gemini Rue and Technobabylon) is stepping into new territory with Unavowed. The studio is taking inspiration from story-heavy RPGs such as Dragon Age while staying true to its point-and-click roots.

Players will build a party of four uniquely-skilled secondary characters, and make decisions that influence the direction of the game's narrative. Unavowed will feature gritty pixel-art graphics at twice the resolution of previous Wadjet Eye games.

The game is to be released for Windows sometime in 2018. Stay tuned for more info!

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