A Demon Called MADiSON is Looking to Possess You in 2018
A Demon Called MADiSON is Looking to Possess You in 2018
Meanwhile, check out a gameplay video, some screenshots and a playable demo
Posted: 12/07/17 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Platform: Windows

Download the demo 

MADiSON is an upcoming first-person psychological horror game that, if the demo is any indication, will have a definite P.T. vibe.

You are Luca Maxwell. You've been expelled from school due to increasingly violent behavior, including injuring yourself and others.

You possess an old Polaroid camera previously belonging to a woman named Madison who, 30 years before, murdered her entire family during a ceremony involving witchcraft. Apparently, she was taken down by the authorities before completing the ritual.

You awaken locked in a dark room. Your hands are full of blood. It seems you've been brought to the scene of the crime by a demon, also called MADiSON, where you'll be forced to finish what was started all those years ago. And none of it is going to be pretty...

If you'd care to make a monetary pledge in support of MADiSON, please see the game's Patreon page. Currently, the plan is to release the game for Windows in mid-2018.

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