RealMYHA Gets Real on Kickstarter
RealMYHA Gets Real on Kickstarter
Visit a lost island on a faraway moon and go treasure-hunting in ancient ruins in a game that's part of The Black Cube series
Posted: 10/15/17 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Simon Mesnard, Denis, Martin, Olivier, Maurey | Platform: Windows

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RealMYHA is a full 3D remake of MYHA, a free first-person adventure created in 10 days by Simon Mesnard during the 2016 Myst Game Jam. RealMYHA is an entirely recreated and improved version of the game. It's being developed under Simon's supervision by Denis Martin (RoonSehv ) with Unreal 4.

RealMYHA is part of The Black Cube  series (which includes ASA and Catyph ).

The game will feature more realstic graphics than its predecessor, as well as improved textures, dynamic lighting and day/night cycles. Existing puzzles will be updated and new ones will be added. It will have a new, original soundtrack by Olivier Maurey (RoonSehv) and will be longer in duration than the original.

A Kickstarter campaign has been launched that will run until November 13, 2017. If all goes as expected, Real MYHA will be released on Windows (no DRM) in March 2019.

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