Headliner To Make News by Launching October 3, 2017 (Tentative)
Headliner To Make News by Launching October 3, 2017 (Tentative)
If you've ever wanted to control the news, here's your chance courtesy of developer Unbound Creations
Posted: 08/25/17 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Unbound Creations | Publisher: Unbound Creations | Platform: Windows

Headliner is a short game about media bias (playthrough approximately 45 minutes) that has multiple outcomes. Unbound Creations (Postmortem: one must dieKaraski: What Goes Up...) poses this question: What if YOU controlled the News? Well, this is exactly what you'll discover in Headliner.

Genetic engineering and civil unrest loom over Galixia. You are the Chief Curator of a local News Channel. You are the HEADLINER. You'll choose what gets published and what doesn't, then watch as your choices impact society.

Headliner currently appears on Steam in Beta. The plan is to release the game for Windows on or about October 3, 2017.

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