Solaria Moon Launches September 6th – All Aboard the Taranis
Solaria Moon Launches September 6th – All Aboard the Taranis
It is the year 2352… You are alone in outer space with a mystery to solve
Posted: 08/14/17 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: (Javier Nieto) with Tizona Interactive | Publisher: Zerouno Games | Platform: Mac, Windows

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Your Vote is Requested on Greenlight for Solaria Moon - September 29, 2016 

Solaria Moon started out as a one-man project, with Javier Nieto at the helm. Armed with his first prototype, he presented his work in 2015 at the Zerouno Networking Game contest held in Spain. It caught the attention of Tizona Interactive who encouraged him to expand his team and boost the game’s scope. Soon after, he was joined by composer Victor Tarín and voice actor Inge Martín.

In late 2016, Solaria Moon got the Greenlight from Steam. After an additional year of development and fine-tuning, the game will officially launch on September 6th.

The story is a familiar one, with a spaceship, a failed hibernation system and an unexpected wakeup call. You play this 3D adventure from a 3rd person perspective, controlling the ship’s Navigation Officer, Lucy Lambert. She is aboard the space cargo ship Taranis and has come out of hibernation a bit early. While she slept, a catastrophic event occurred on board the ship and her team members are either dead or missing. There are indications that a computer is somehow responsible for the chaos and it is up to you (Lucy) to figure out what really happened and what to do next.

With a focus on story and puzzles, Solaria Moon promises to surprise and challenge you. Integrated puzzles will be diverse and will require players to put their thinking caps on. You will also need to grab your boots and prepare for some serious exploration. The answers you seek lie somewhere within the vast superstructure of Taranis.

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