The Legend of Snowblind Is To Be The Coldest Adventure Ever
The Legend of Snowblind Is To Be The Coldest Adventure Ever
ILUSTRATOR.HR is bringing us a point-and-clicker inspired by the likes of Monkey Island and Full Throttle
Posted: 06/02/17 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: ILUSTRATOR.HR | Platform: Other, Windows

Ten years ago, The Legend of Snowblind started out as a free adventure game called Snowblind Chapter I: Dream of the Elephant, which is actually still available. Now, it's being completely redesigned in an entirely new hand-drawn world.

The developer has created a Steam concept page  to gather feedback on the game. It includes a 52-minute video of the earlier game in its entirety.

The Legend of Snowblind's protagonist, Flake, is an elemental being who is lost, has no memory and has been given one chance to save the world. Flake is unique in that he can change into different shapes, from a small cloud to a giant monster made of ice.

You will accompany Flake on a journey of self-discovery. You will meet incredible characters such as Aldo, a dreamy elephant; a giraffe named Lisa; Deken, a one-horned moose; a bigfoot called Lazlo and Finch, a clumsy hedgehog.

The game will take twists and turns. Good and evil will become reversed. In order to accomplish something good, Flake will sometimes have to do something bad. The world will become deformed. A cute penguin will become a blood-thirsty creature. And that's just some of it.

The Legend of Snowblind is headed for release on Windows and mobile platforms sometime in 2018.


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