Freebird's Finding Paradise, Sequel to To The Moon, Has Been Delayed
Freebird's Finding Paradise, Sequel to To The Moon, Has Been Delayed
However, To the Moon's mobile remaster has been released for iOS/Android
Posted: 05/30/17 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Freebird Games | Platform: Linux, Windows, Mac

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Finding Paradise is Announced - January 14, 2016 

Try not to get confused. And remember, I'm only the messenger.

Finding Paradise is an adventure-RPG about two doctors traversing the memories of a dying man to fulfill his last wish. The game was originally slated to be launched this summer on Windows/Mac/Linux, but its release has been moved to late 2017 (exact date TBD) to ensure quality.

Despite the delay, the game has been making steady progress. A new demo is to be released to internal testers in the coming week that will lead to the final Act. The next demo version will be the full game.

Unlike any potential future episodes in the series, Finding Paradise and To the Moon are meant to be two sides of a coin in that both are necessary to thoroughly explore both perspectives of the same narrative theme. However, Finding Paradise may also be played as a standaone.

Although not required, it's suggested that two free mini-episodes in To the Moon's universe be played before Finding Paradise (note that they are from 2013 and 2015, respectively): Minisode 1  / Minisode 2 

Also, To the Moon is now available on iOS and Android.

The Finding Paradise web page is now live, as is the game's Bandcap OST page.

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