Star Story: The Horizon Escape Has Launched on Steam Early Access
Star Story: The Horizon Escape Has Launched on Steam Early Access
If you're looking for a colorful, old-school 2D point-and-click adventure, you need look no further. And you'll get a Digital Artbook for free!
Posted: 04/18/17 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: EvilCoGames | Platform: Windows

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Star Story: The Horizon Escape Lands on Steam Greenlight - February 20, 2017
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From EvilCoGames comes a juicy, colorful world filled with lots of detail where any player will fit right in. Star Story: The Horizon Escape has an appealing graphic style, an old comic-book spirit and friendly mechanics. It's a perfect way to relax.

While on an archaeological  mission, you've had the unfortunate luck to crash on a world called the Horizon. But don't worry, it's not all bad.

You'll experience interesting events, talk to locals, make friends, meet space shrimp, explore intriguing locales, decide things, solve tons of puzzles and encounter mobs.

You'll be able to trade for tools and technologies, set up a base and workshop, and craft helpful gadgets which, along with diplomacy, you can use when dealing with enemies if combat isn't your thing.

Look! The developer has thrown in a sample page from the Digital Artbook you'll receive for free while the game is in Early Access...


Sound good? Are you running Windows? Then put on your red cape and head on over to Steam. EvilCoGames is currently working on a Mac version, but no availability date has been announced.

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