Runes: The Forgotten Path To Travel to Kickstarter April 27th
Runes: The Forgotten Path To Travel to Kickstarter April 27th
Stormborn Studio is developing the first game series exclusively in VR
Posted: 04/08/17 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Stormborn Studio | Platform: Windows, Vr

Runes: The Forgotten Path is a fantasy action-adventure game designed exclusively for VR (Vive and Oculus Touch) in which the player casts spells by drawing in the air with motion controllers. It will employ an innovative locomotion system called “4th Wall“ for a seamless experience free from motion sickness. Also, an extra layer of narrative power will be added.

Alejandro Castedo, Stormborn Studio: After opening up the studio last summer and giving all of our time and dedication to the game, we realized our dream was finally coming true. This game is the product of a long and hard adventure and now we want to finish it in the right way. The Kickstarter is the final push needed to make this game as we envisioned the first time we put a VR headset on and we want you to share this amazing adventure with us!

Runes tells the story of a mage called Leth (the player) who possesses knowledge of the primeval source of magic: ancient runes. He has been imprisoned in Oblivion, a sleep prison of the mind from which he must escape using powerful spells.

Developer Stormborn Studio will be launching a Kickstarter campaign for the game on April 17, 2017. We've been told that further details will be forthcoming later this month.


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