The Franz Kafka Videogame Re-emerges
The Franz Kafka Videogame Re-emerges
The surreal and absurd point-and-click puzzle adventure from award-winning Russian developer Denis Galanin has been signed by Daedalic Entertainment; the game is to be released in April
Posted: 03/10/17 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Denis Galanin | Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment | Platform: Windows

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The Franz Kafka Videogame - Trailer, Screens & Info - December 13, 2013 

From developer Denis Galanin (Hamlet) and publisher Daedalic Entetainent, The Franz Kafka Videogame will finally be among us when it's released April 6, 2017 on Steam  for Windows.

I first encountered this game in 2013 when I covered it for JA. Then it seemed to go poof. Well, as a great fan of Kafka (my favorite story: In the Penal Colony), I'm happy to see that it made its way back.

Those unfamiliar with Kafka can find information about him here (including the text of some of his works). I have one caveat: Kafka's material isn't exactly...well...uplifting.

Okay, back to The Franz Kafka Videogame. Here, players enter a world of surreal and absurd puzzles inspired by Kafka's writing. These are certainly not your average run-of-the-mill AG puzzles. 

The game's protagonist, known simply as "K," journeys to a distant land after accepting an unexpected offer of employment. He ends up in a world full of abnormailty, uncertainty and hopelessness.

The Franz Kafka Videogame offers approximately four hours of gameplay, and features Hi-Def graphics and a distinctive artistic style. It has no inventory, no Boss battles and no RPG features. It promises to be a unique experience.

As previously mentioned, the game will be available for Windows April 6, 2017 on Steam.

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