Odyssey Arrives at Steam Early Access
Odyssey Arrives at Steam Early Access
Have fun while learning astronomy and mechanics from the ancient Greeks to Galileo
Posted: 02/24/17 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: The Young Socratics | Platform: Windows, Mac

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Odyssey Journeys to Steam Early Access February 23rd - January 27, 2017
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Up for some real science wrapped in fun?

Kickstarter-backed Odyssey, from The Young Socratics, is a science adventure that will take you on an intellectual journey combining gaming with a historical approach to science and storytelling. The game mirrors the chronological progression of ideas as they've been presented by scientists from the ancient Greeks to Galileo. You'll have fun and learn things at the same time.

The game has a Myst-like feel to it, as you traverse a group of islands in response to a distress call from 13-year-old Kai. She and her famiy are trapped and in need of rescue. In order to reach them, you'll be solving puzzles using information from Kai's in-game journal, fragments of which are scattered across the islands.

Chapters 1-3 of the six-chapter game for Windows and Mac have been released on Steam Early Access at a time-limited 25% discount. The plan is to release Chapters 4-6 as a sequel.

Odyssey has been developed for players age 11+. Also, know that a significant amount of reading will be required.

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