Star Story: The Horizon Escape Lands on Steam Greenlight
Star Story: The Horizon Escape Lands on Steam Greenlight
From Evil Corporation Games comes a 2D Wild-West-esque sci-fi adventure with survival elements
Posted: 02/20/17 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Evil Corporation Games | Platform: Linux, Windows, Mac

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You are a space archeologist. You have your own spaceship, holographic personal assistant and there are so many planets to explore! What could go wrong?

You're right. Everything.

Welcome to Star Story: The Horizon Escape. Your ship has crashed on a planet. You must find a way to leave. But how?

Well, never mind that now. Instead, get ready for a great way to relax and blow off steam (no pun intended). Meet the locals. Kick some monsters in the pants. Solve tons of puzzles. Make a bunch of decisions. Craft cool shiny objects out of nothing.

Not into combat? No problem. You can prevail via exploration and the wise use of gadgets and diplomacy.

Star Story: The Horizon Escape is set to be released in Q1 2017 on Windows, followed by Mac, then Linux. Meanwhile, the game has landed on Steam Greenlight, and Evil Corporation Games would love to have your vote.


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