Although the game has been funded on Kickstarter, there are 24 hours left to get in on the action
Posted: 02/19/17 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: The Brotherhood | Publisher: The Brotherhood | Platform: Mac, Windows

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BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION Project Update - February 10, 2017 

Here is the latest missive from Chris Bischoff (formatting retained):

My post apocalyptic adventure game, BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION has been FUNDED, but there are ONLY 24 HOURS LEFT to get in on the ACTION:

The all important link.

Many THANKS to those that have already supported us, and for those who haven't - PLEASE don't miss out on the opportunity to be a part of this. At the very least your name will be in the credits of a game!

I must mention the LIMITED run collectors edition box design for BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION that is absolutely unique, foiled and well...beautiful!

I'm also throwing in a CAYNE collectors box at the deluxe tier so check out the Kickstarter page for pics here.

Once these AWESOME BOXES are all SOLD, I won't be OFFERING THEM AGAIN.

You can now also back from our webpage (with PAYPAL) here.

After the Kickstarter ends (in 24 hours) I'm going to remove some of the items from our website and increase the fee on others, to make things fair for Kickstarter backers.

This has been a wild ride and I appreciate your backing - onward to the two headed giraffe!!!



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