Lightspeed Frontier to Land on Steam Greenlight March 7th
Lightspeed Frontier to Land on Steam Greenlight March 7th
Here we have a humorous open-world sandbox spaceship-building and exploration sci-fi adventure from Riveted Games and Crowdwork Studios
Posted: 02/09/17 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Crowdwork Studios | Publisher: Riveted Games | Platform: Windows

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In Lightspeed Frontier is a mix of humor, space combat, and creative ship-building. You'll draw up blueprints, construct ships in real time and embark on an adventure to discover the riches of the universe.

Your approach will be up to you. Use diplomacy or engage in riveting battles with crime lords and space pirates. Compete against greedy corporate monopolies. Pick up quests by paying attention to billboards, news and ads. Become the most successful captain in the galaxy.

Philip Devine, Producer, Riveted Games: Lightspeed Frontier has hours of gameplay and in Early Access players will play, what we feel, is an extremely polished game. During Early Access we’ll expand on the game’s content and introduce a thrilling multiplayer mode that will allow for endless free-roaming adventures.

The game is to be released on Windows at a date TBD. Meanwhile, look for it on Steam Greenlight March 7, 2017.

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