Solo Shows Up on Fig and Greenlight
Solo Shows Up on Fig and Greenlight
The game from Team Gotham goes introspective to gain a better understanding of the meaning of love
Posted: 01/19/17 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Team Gotham | Platform: Mac, Windows

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Solo is a puzzle exploration game in which a sailor (the player) solves puzzles and searches for love while traveling through prodigious archipelagos. It's a meditative experience without any hurry or cause for anxiety.

The game has a unique art style and offers a living world with which players can interact. Its narrative will change based on players' decisions.

Indie developer Team Gotham (The Guest) has launched a Fig campaign that has a base goal of $64,500 and runs until February 23, 2017. Currently, 29% of the goal has been achieved. Your backing would be appreciated. A Greenlight campaign is also in progress. Team Gotham would love to have your vote.

Solo will be released on Windows and Mac at a date TBD.

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